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Minimize Microsoft Outlook to the System Tray

I don't know why they took this option out of the settings within Outlook, but the registry setting for this is still there. To minimize it to the system tray, start regedit and follow the steps below:HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 10.0 \ Outlook \ Preferences New Data Type: REG_DWORD Value Name: MinToTray Data: 1 (0 to disable MinToTray) The number in red above is the MS-Office version number; 10 is Office 2000; 11 is Office 2003.

Error ASP 0178 on Windows 2003 Server (IIS6) by Server.CreateObject on DCOM registered Component

This error is a permissions problem. This is a very frustrating problem for someone who doesn't know Windows Server 2003 very well. Heres is a workaround:1. go to Administrative Tools> Component Services 2. expand COM Services 3. expand My Computer. 4. expand COM+ Applications. 5. Right click on your Application, select Properties 6. Go to the Security tab7. In the Authorization frame, uncheck “Enforce access checks for this application“ This isn't the best, since it grants every ... [More]

Color the background of items in a Dropdown box in your HTML pages.

Color the background of items in a Dropdown box in your HTML pages. It's very easy to do, just look at the below example. Highlight Black Gray DarkGray LightGray White Aquamarine Blue Navy Purple DeepPink Violet Pink DarkGreen Green YellowGreen Yellow Orange Red Brown BurlyWood Beige <select> <option value="">Highlight</option> <option value="#000000" style="background-color: Black;color: #FFFFFF;">Black</option> <option value="#808080" style="background-color:... [More]

Is Planning and Testing really that important in Software Development???

When you wrote essays in school, didn’t you plan out what you were going to write about before you started writing? The same needs to be done with software development.   Specifications documents need to be written out for all new features/enhancements, before any development begins.  That way the developers have a blueprint to work with of how the feature/enhancement is to work. This should be written from the original description that is gotten from the client that is request... [More]

VB.NET 2005's "My" namespace for Mono

Today, I started creating my own implementation of the VB.NET 2005 “My“ namespace. The target platforms for my implementation are .NET v1.1 and Mono v1.x  Heck, maybe eventually I could convince the folks over at the Mono project to put my code into their implementation of the .NET Framework, but I suppose I'll have to get alot more done on it first. If you don't know what the “My” namespace is check this out: [More]

How do you call a Console application from ASP.NET and get the results??

Here is a VB.NET version of a C# example that I found to do just that. It's really simple to do. <%@ Page Language="vb" %><%@ Import Namespace="System.Diagnostics" %><%       ''Get a file name relative to the current Web app.       Dim file As String = Server.MapPath("Program.exe")       Dim info As ProcessStartInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(file, "/arguments")       ''Redirect output... [More]

I just got Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 (Whidbey)

I went to the MSDN Event in Milwaukee yesterday, and got the FREE DVD with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1. This is just awesome, anyone attending the MSDN Events in August - September 2004 get this DVD. If you're not an MSDN subscriber, but want to get your hands on VS2005 Beta 1, just go to one of these MSDN Events. Hell, even if you are an MSDN subscriber, go to one of these events. Very informative.