Chris Pietschmann

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Virgin Mary In Grilled Cheese - Looks more like Marylin Monroe

The Vrigin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich??? I think it looks more like Marylin Monroe. The last I checked the ebay auction was up to almost $7,000. I wanna make me one to sell!

What do Linux, MacOS and Windows all have in Common??

When you think about it, the three major Operating System's (Linux, MacOS and Windows) come down to one person/entity that controls them. No matter which Operating System you use, you are relying on a single person/entity to update/maintain your platform. Linus Torvalds contols the Linux kernel.Microsoft Corp. controls Windows.Apple Computer, Inc. controls MacOS. If the person/entity who governs the core of your OS falls off the face of the Earth, at least with Linux we all have the ... [More]

AntiMatter is a reality: not just for Trekkies!

Antimatter a reality?? Hell, yeah. It can be used for super powerfull weapons, space travel, and more. Antimatter technology doesn't have the radioactive bi-products like nucleur technology does.,14632,Soldiertech_Cool100804,,00.html?