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EMail (POP3, SMTP and MIME) looks complex but is in fact really simple

Email at first glance appears to be really complex, but once you look further down at how it work you will find out that Email is in fact really simple. POP3 and SMTP each only have about a handfull of command that you need to know to Send/Recieve email messages. The internet mail message format and MIME both appear complex, but are actually very simple and could be thought of as being somewhat object oriented. Really, the most complex part of email is MIME Attachments which is just complex beca... [More]

Can you have Windows 2003 Server display the Windows XP Visual Styles?

Yes, you can!! If must turn on the “Theme” service in Windows 2003 Server to enable the Windows XP Visual Styles. Then go to the Display Properties in the Control Panel and set the “Windows and Buttons“ dropdown on the Appearance tab to “Windows XP Style”. And like magic you can have Windows 2003 Server look just like Windows XP!! Sweet!!

My Latest Project: POP3/SMTP EMail Client

I have currently and in the past had so many projects that I've wanted to create but just never actually went and fully developed them. Well, I have a new one I'm working on now and will force myself to finish it. I'm working on a POP3/SMTP EMail Client. I am working on making it support POP3 and SMTP for retrieving and sending email messages. I am also going to make it support the XMTP (eXtensible Mail Transfer Protocol) which is an XML transformation of the standard Internet Message Format. I'... [More]