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The new is being born...

The new is being born. It is going to be an online community for .NET Developers with a forums. I will also be posting development related articles on there. And, my blog is moving to

My introduction to computers and programming...

My introduction to computers started when I was about 3 years old with an Apple IIe. We had a few games over the years: Ghost Busters, Alf, Spy Hunter, and a few others. If you ever think you can't trust a 3 year old with puting a DVD into the player, just think about a 3 year old being able to switch 5.25 inch floppy disks in an Apple IIe. We actually got the Apple IIe in like '84 or '85, it was used when we got it. My first PC (when I was about 13) with Windows 3.1 was actually my da... [More]

Four ways to get your hands on Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2!!

I posted a couple days ago that non-MSDN subscribers can get Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 for FREE from The MSDN Events Resource DVD that will be given out at the Spring MSDN Events will have Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 on it. Of course, I can't forget, all MSDN Subscribers can download or order Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2. And finally if you live in Wisconsin; I heard a couple days ago that the WI-INETA Executive Commitee is working with Microsoft to ... [More]

May 10th WI-INETA Meeting on Design Patterns in .NET

At the next WI-INETA meeting, on May 10th, Matthew Deiters will be speaking on Design Patterns in .NET. I'm sure it'll be a great presentation like they always are. I encourage all .NET developers no matter what skill level you are, to join the user group and attend the meetings. You will learn alot. After all, membership is FREE!!

Giving your application a Plugin based architecture is easier than it sounds...

I've been playing around the last couple of days with creating an application with a Plugin based architecture. It's alot easier with .NET than it sounds. I don't have any examples or articles to post on here yet, but I'm working on something I hope to have up here in the next week or so. On another note, the traffic of my site is using about 1GB of bandwidth per month now (consistantly the last two months). That's the most my site has ever used, I'm going to have to upgrade my hosting account ... [More]

Hitachi's New Perpendicular Recording Technology involves some bits that dance to the music

In March 2005, Hitachi demonstrated their perpendicular recording technology. This method of storing data on hard drives allows for an awesome amount of data in a small space. Hitachi demonstrated a storage density of 230 gigabits per square inch. Hitachi expects to see products ship at 230 gigabits per square inch in 2007. With this they'll be able to store 20 Gigabytes instead of 6 Gigabytes on the one-inch Microdrives, and up to one terabyte on the 3.5inch hard drives.Yeah I know I'm thinking... [More]