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ASP.NET 2.0: Rewriting URL Paths just got a whole lot easier

Rewriting URL paths in ASP.NET 2.0 is referred to as URL Mapping. Instead of putting some code in your Application_BeginRequest method, you can now just put a few lines in your Web.Config file and like magic you can rewrite those URL paths with ease. With URL Mapping you can turn a not so freindly URL like ~/Blog/Post/11/12/2005/145.aspx into ~/TheCoolestPost.aspx Example Web.Config File: [code:html] <?xml version="1.0" ?> <configuration xmlns="http://sch... [More]

Boolean Expression in .NET: strName IN ("CHRIS","TOM","TYLER")

I think it would be really helpful if we could do boolean expressions with IN sort of like we can in SQL. For Example:   'just like SQL   If strName IN ("CHRIS","TOM","TYLER") Then      'do something   End If    'using an array for this would be best   Dim arrNames() AS String = New Array{"CHRIS", "TOM", "TYLER"}   If strName IN arrNames Then      'do something   End If &nbs... [More]

Is Visual Studio 2005 divine?

I started the installation of Visual Studio 2005 on my laptop, and then walked away to come back later and click Finish. When I came back I saw that the suns rays were shining down on my laptop. Is Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0 the divine development platform? This made me laugh; it's totally like in the movies when they have sun rays shine down on something they want to show as being “divine”. Maybe this is a sign?  ;)   FYI, This was meant to be a joke whe... [More]

I have alot of .NET books...

It's been two years since I started learning .NET and recieved my MCAD, and I now have a total of 18 books on .NET related development topics. I never counted them until today; I just kept buying/winning one every 4 to 6 weeks. Most of them are from Microsoft Press. Here's the last 4 I've gotten (in the last couple weeks by the way): .NET Remoting (ISBN: 0-7356-1778-3) - I won this one at the last WI-INETA meeting Introducing Visual Basic 2005 For Developers (ISBN: 0-7356-2058-X) ... [More]

Is it really Microsoft's fault?

Most of the problems I've experienced with Win9x and Win2K/XP with "blue screens" have been caused by problems with device drivers. These were all device drivers that Microsoft didn't write. Yes, they were third party device drivers, but should I blame Microsoft? I think my analogy of nails on the road (stated above) somes this up perfectly. People are always quick to talk smack about the one on top, but they almost never do their homework to find the facts to back themselves up. This is the re... [More]

The NEW Microsoft Certified Architect Program (MCAP)

Microsoft has announced the new Microsoft Certified Architect Program (MCAP). The goal of the MCAP is to identify the top industry experts in IT Architecture. This is a very high level certification. The certification process has 8 steps: The Microsoft Certified Architect candidate is expected to have at least 10 years of verifiable experience as a practicing architect prior to applying for the program The candidate applies for acceptance into the program by: Contacting Microsoft direc... [More] - Lots of improvements for MSDN Online!

For those who don't know, has all the Visual Studio “Whidbey” 2005 documentation. It's not fully complete because they are still building up the library, but it is still quite extensive. I found this blog post by Tim Ewald (, outlining some of the major improvements they are making with the new version of the MSDN web site. They are basically making it so we wont have so many darn broken link... [More] abandoned for now

I had some dissapointments with the hosting service I was using for and with the Community Server app that I was using for it. I'm not sure if my problems were all to do with the hosting service, all to do with Community Server, or somewhere in between. All my sites are back on 's servers. I am very happy with there hosting service, especially after moving away and then having to move back. I definately recommend them to others. Now for Community Server; I gu... [More]