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Happy 10th birthday Windows 95!

Windows 95 was released 10 years ago today! With the release of Vista coming, Win95 turns 10. Just think about what will be in the version of Windows that comes out whenVista turns 10. Lots of improvements have come and lots more to come. We all loved you Win95 in your prime and have now moved on; but we wont forget all the good times we had like waiting for you to start up, swearing at the blue screens and saying “why do I have to reinstall when... [More]

My brother-in-law and cousin are in Iraq

I believe it was last October and November when Jeremy and Jake were sent over to Iraq. They had to leave there families to go for training a few months prior to leaving the States to go over there. At first it was quite strange when they left. When someone dies, you know they are never coming back. It's different in war; it's more of a question mark as to whether they are going to be coming home or not. In war people die, you just hope that your friends and family are the ones who make it home... [More]

I got married on July 30th!!

I know I never mentioned it in past blog entries. The date was picked and it was being planned over the last year. I got married on July 30th. The ceremony was about 30 minutes long, and it took 3 and a half hours to take pictures. Yeah, the the ceremony took one seventh of the time it took to take pictures. I know that's how it usually goes, but it sucks standing all day in what has to be the most uncomfortable, rented pair of shoes. We were kind of worried it would be too hot or it would rai... [More]