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FBI to get veto power over PC software?

There's no way they'll be able to keep me or anyone else from writing software and distributing it. I think software (like speech or text) qualifies under the 1st amendment. I can say or write what ever I want with out being punishable by law. Someone listening to my speech or reading my letter is no different than running my software. Even if somehow this would get passed, there is no way they'd be able to enforce it. Even if they were able to legally get Microsoft and Apple to make thei... [More] to use SQL Server 2005 x64 Edition and ASP.NET 2.0 x64!

I just got an email alert today, My favorite Microsoft related news site,, will be launching a redesign of their site along with a new server to host it. This is one of the first large sites that I've heard of switching to ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005. I can't wait to see the new site. Read the email alert below: Hey everyone!  This is a short announcement about , the no.1 Microsoft news source on the will soon run on a brand new 64-bit server!&n... [More]

PHP is easy to learn.

Now that's something I never imagined I would say. I checked out a couple short tutorials on PHP today. I never looked into PHP before, and I never knew it's so easy to learn. The syntax is similar to C++ and Java, since I'm familiear with the syntax of those two PHP looks really simple. PHP looks like an easy language for someone know to web development to learn. I'm wont be abandoning .NET for PHP but I may spend some time in the future to build some projects in PHP. Tutorial links: PHP Tut... [More]

Use ASP.NET Web Parts and Membership stuff with SQL Server 2000

By default ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts uses SQL Express. To use this stuff with SQL Server 2000 you must configure the aspnetdb database on your SQL Server 2000 database server. Fortunately for us, Microsoft has created a utility to automate the process. Follow these steps to setup the aspnetdb database: 1) run the utility - C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50215\aspnet_regsql.exe (this was written with ASP.NET 2.0 Beta 2 (v2.0.50215) as a reference, so with the final rele... [More]

Office 12 Screenshots from PDC '05

The latest screenshots of Office 12 from PDC '05 are out. The new toolbar/menu system in Office is supposed to be easier to use than the existing toolbar/menu system. I'll have to wait and see after I use it. I do like the new look though. Some more screenshots are here: