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Configure Visual Studio 2005 for "Classic" ASP syntax highlighting and intellisense

You can use the Visual Studio 2005 IDE to edit your Classic ASP files and still utilize syntax highlighting and intellisense. All you have to do is associate the “.asp“ file extension with the Web Form Editor. When doing this you are telling the IDE to treat “.asp“ files the same as “.aspx“ files, in turn sort of “tricking“ the IDE in to giving you the syntax highlighting and intellisense that you want. The steps in setting up the IDE are as follo... [More]

Get Visual Studio 2005 and SQL 2005 Free!

If you attend Microsoft's Best of Visual Studio 2005 Launch or Microsoft's Best of SQL Server 2005 Launch and you'll receive a free copy of Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition and SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition. VS '05 Launch - Server '05 Launch -  

A deep talk about ASP.NET Web Controls

This is another great episode of The .NET Rocks show. This weeks episode is all about writing Web Controls in ASP.NET. I think this is one of the more advanced topics they've covered on the show. I listened to it a couple times and since I don't author too many user controls, I think I'll have to play with more of the stuff they discuss. Miguel Castro on Web ControlsCarl and Richard run into Miguel Castro at a hotel bar at the MVP Summit 2005 in Bellevue, WA. This is the first real show we've d... [More]