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The My namespace in Visual Basic 2005 is extensible!

Yes, that's right. You can add your own custom functionality to the My namespace. Microsoft has even created a My.Blogs library that adds functionality for read and writing to blogs. And, there is an MSDN TV episode that explains how to use My.Blogs. Simplify Common Tasks by Customizing the My Namespace My.Blogs Code Sample for Visual Basic MSDN TV: Adding Blogging to Your Apps with ... [More]

T-SQL: Parse a delimited string

Parsing a delimeted string in T-SQL is fairly simple to do, but it does take a nice little chunk of code. I most commonly use this chunk of code when I need to pass an array from an application into a SQL Stored Procedure. The best way to implement this code into an application would be to create a SQL Function that you pass in a delimted string and it returns a table of values. This way you don't have to duplicate the code everytime you want to use it. The following example parses the delimete... [More]