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What I've been up to lately: JavaScript, AJAX, Virtual Earth and WebParts

The last couple months at work, I've been working a lot on a new real estate mapping product that was launched last week called eNavigator (Try out eNavigator here). It utilizes AJAX and the Microsoft Virtual Earth v1 Commercial control and supports IE and Firefox. The coolest feature is the Interactive Map search that allows you to click and drag the map around to find that home of your dreams. Something I started working with tonight is the new Virtual Earth v... [More]

MSDN .NET Show on IIS 7.0 with Scott Guthrie and Bill Staples

The latest episode of the MSDN .NET Show features a great interview with Scott Guthrie and Bill Staples on IIS 7.0. The show includes a 30 minute interview about the product, along with 30 minutes of demos. IIS 7.0 on the MSDN .NET Show The latest IIS 7.0 Beta will be included in Windows Vista Beta 2. Also, it will be shipping with Vista, and will be included in the "home" editions as well. I'm hoping the final release of IIS 7 will ship with the RTM of Vista, and I don't have to wait for... [More]

Learn Regular Expressions with Dave Wanta!

At the next Wisconsin .NET Users Group, Dave Wanta will be presenting an introduction to Regular Expressions, also known as RegExes. The presentation will be covering the basic Regex operators, metacharacters and pattern matching. Then he'll move into advanced groupings, replace and logic branching. This presentation sounds great! I'm a little familiar with regular expressions, but I'm sure I'll learn alot from this presentation. I'll probably be bringing my laptop to this one. June 13, 2006 - ... [More]

A couple cool WinXP TaskBar enhancement tools

I've come across two cool WinXP TaskBar enhancement tools. Visual Task Tips - This tool provides a thumbnail screenshot of each app when you mouse over the it in the taskbar. You may have seen this feature in some of the screenshots of the Windows Vista Beta, but this tool brings that functionality to Windows XP. I noticed the thumbnail is a somewhat live preview; just open up a video in Media Player and watch a somewhat choppy version of what's playing be shown in the thumbnail. Taskbar ... [More]

I recieved my MSDN subscription today!!

Sweet! I finally recieved my MSDN Subscription ID today! It only took two weeks since I signed up on the website using my secret Invite Code. Everything is so automatic these days, I was almost thinking something got screwed up and I wouldn't get my subscription. The domain name isn't registered to Microsoft, so it must be a third party that runs that site. I figure they had to write my info on a piece of paper, then snail mail it to Microsoft's MSDN department who t... [More]

WI-INETA May 9th: Object Relational Mapping Frameworks: Simplify & Improve Your Data Access Layer

The next Wisconsin .NET Users Group meeting is just two days away. One of our local MVP's, Sean McCormack will be speaking on the topic of "Object Relational Mapping Frameworks: Simplify & Improve Your Data Access Layer". I'm looking forward to this months meeting since this is a topic that I don't know a whole lot about. Several frameworks will be covered; including NHibernate, Codus, Elementary and the DLinq specification among others. Other ORM capabilities will also be covered;... [More]