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64-bit Vista no longer available on MSDN?

Apparently I downloaded the 64-bit version of Vista at a good time. They have since removed it from the list in MSDN subscriber downloads. I wonder why they removed it? Update 12/11/2006: I don't know exactly when they put it back up, but Vista x64 is back up on MSDN Downloads.

Vista Experience Update: Vista automatically defragments your hard drives for you

I guess this is one of the changes they made to always keep Windows running smoothly. When Windows Vista is installed it automatically sets up a schedule to defragment your hard drives once a week. You no longer need to remember to defrag your hard drives once in awhile in order to keep your system running efficiently. Now, this is a feature that I was a little surprised they didn't add in XP, but I'm glad it's here in Vista. One thing I always thought was a little interesting is if you check ... [More]

I have Windows Vista Ultimate x64 installed in a dual boot with WinXP Pro

The installation went really smooth. I just booted up the box with the Vista intallation DVD in the drive, and installed Vista on a newly created partition (not the partition WinXP is on). And, it setup dual boot automatically. It couldn't have been easier. Oh, yeah, and it only took 15-20 minutes for the install; that really beats the approximate 1 hour WinXP takes. Vista runs extremely smooth and the overall experience feels smother than WinXP Pro on the same pc. The specs of m... [More]

I now have my key for Vista Ultimate

I just recieved my Vista Ultimate product key from MSDN after many failed attempts earlier today. I don't know if it'll work for everyone now, but at least I wont be one of the many hammering the system. Also, my download of both the x86 and x64 ISO's have finished. I have to say my over all experience of getting Vista (ISO image and product key) from MSDN was pretty good, especially since their server are being hammered so much by everyone with an MSDN Subscription wanting to downloa... [More]

Windows Vista is currently available on MSDN

And, thanks to the MSDN Subscription I won at the Deeper in .NET event, I am lucky enough to get Windows Vista for Free. Yippee!! As you probably know there is only one installation DVD to install all editions of Vista. Finally, only one disc to keep track of. But there are however seperate discs for both x86 and x64 editions. Both of which are up on MSDN right now. Also on MSDN are the product keys for Visa Business, Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate. When I requested th... [More]

Wisonsin .NET Users Group website - Some enhancements may be coming...

After the last Wisconsin .NET Users Group meeting (on Tuesday) I discussed with Scott and a couple others some potential ideas for enhancing the groups website. Hopefully in not too long, we will be working on a new website for the group. A couple of the ideas we've come up with are adding Blogging and/or Forums functionality. These feature sets would allow members to contribute more easily and communicate with one another outside the meetings. If you are a fellow WI-INETA member, ... [More]

WI-INETA: Overview of Web 2.0 with Larry Clarkin

Larry Clarkin presented at tonight’s WI .NET Users Group meeting on the topic of "Overview of Web 2.0". He provided a very good description of what really is "Web 2.0"; and he had a whole 5 days to prepare. The reason he had only 5 days to prepare is because the presenter that was scheduled for tonight couldn't present. Well done Larry You can view the presentation notes here: One of the items discussed was Google, Yahoo and MS Virtual Earth mapping. If you are i... [More]

Virtual Earth v4 is out now with 3D maps!

I know this post is a bit delayed, but a couple days ago Microsoft released Virtual Earth v4. Basically this new version is v3 with some stuff added. The major addition is the 3D maps. Now this feature is cool. I still have to check compatibility of my PietschSoft.VE3 control with the VE4 JavaScript library. I also think I may be spawning off a new PietschSoft.VE control for this new version. Check it out: Virtual Earth v4 Interactive SDK

MS Virtual Earth: New version on the way!

Microsoft announced yesterday that they will be releasing a new version of the Virtual Earth Map Control next week on Nov. 7. They are stating that existing sites using versions 2 and 3 will not be impacted and will continue to work. They also mention an upcoming marketing campaign surrounding this next release. Could this new version be v4? What cool new features will they be adding? Service Notice: New Map Control - November 7, 2006