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Learn ASP.NET Provider Model By Example via BlogEngine.NET

I was looking through the code of the new BlogEngine.NET project last week, and noticed that it implements the ASP.NET Provider Model. Cool an example I can study! I've been trying to spend some time lately to learn more about design patterns, so this was an interesting find for me. If you look at the code for BlogEngine.NET you'll see that it is a rather simple application that demonstrates a working implementation of the ASP.NET Provider Model that you can learn from. Go check out the code a... [More]

Site Referral Keywords: Top 10, Strange and Surprising

I've had Google Analytics set up on my site since the middle of January so I can get an idea on what content gets the most traffic. The goal has been satisfied; I know which pages get the most hits. Now, if there were a way to integrate it within my RSS feed... but that is another topic to discuss elsewhere. I was looking at some of my referral keywords from search engines, and I thought I'd share some of them. I was actually a little surprise that some of my posts ranked as high as they did wi... [More]

Thinking about switching email to GMail for My Domain?

When GMail for My Domain was first available I set it up for to test it out. It was really simple to setup and you get the benefit of the regular GMail web client for reading your emails. It's pretty neat. I'm thinking about moving my email hosting for over to GMail for My Domain. Have any of you been using it? Could you give me some feedback on your experiences?

PietschSoft.VE: Is it Dead? What about Ajax and Virtual Earth v5?

Is PietschSoft.VE Dead? I've had a couple people ask me lately if the PietschSoft.VE project is dead since there hasn't been a release in about 2 months. The answer is: No, it isn't dead, I just haven't had alot of time the last few weeks to work on it. Ajax I am actually still working on adding full Ajax support, using UpdatePanels as the enablers. It is turning out to be pretty cool. Virtual Earth v5 Also, since Microsoft recently released Virtual ... [More]

Want to eliminate DRM? Just Boycott all DRM protected content.

What to eliminate DRM? And, give the rights back to the consumer? People have been complaining about it for how long; but the solution is rather simple. Don't buy it! If you don't buy DRM protected content, the producers of such content will be forced to release DRM-less content. As simple as that.  

AjaxControlToolkit TabContainer: TabPanel.Visible="False" should not display header text

If you set the visible property of TabPanels within your TabContainer to false, it still shows the Header Text in the page when rendered. What should happen is any TabPanels with Visible set to False should be hidden. A fix for this has been posted to the AJAX Control Toolkits Issue Tracker, but we have to wait for the next release to get the fix in place. Is there a work around? Below is an Inherited class I created using the fix described to allow me to fix this issue myself u... [More]

MS Virtual Earth v5.0 Released

A couple days ago, Microsoft released Virtual Earth v5.0. So, what's new? Improved Support for Feature Cusomization Virtual Earth Shapes - Easily customize and modify pusphins, polylines and polygons with the new Virtual Earth Shape class. Customize line colors, widths and transparencies of shapes, as well as add custom icons. Info Boxes - Shapes now have associated info boxes which can be shown and hidden as a response to user actions (e.g. clicking on the shape). The info box ... [More]

HD-DVD: A DMCA Protected Number??

09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 56 88 c0 Apparently displaying the secret key hidden on all HD-DVD disks is a violation of the DMCA. Hmm... 09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 56 88 c0 hires wife of Google VP of Marketing

Move Inc. has just hired Lorna Borenstein to be the new President of Move Inc. How does this relate to Google? Lorna Borenstein is married to David Lawee (Vice President, Marketing at Google). Even though Lorna Borenstein has a large list of really impressive qualifications (and am in no way trying to belittle that, I do find them quite impressive), I can't help but speculate that the Move Inc. Board of Directors may have took the fact of who she's married to into consideration ... [More]