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What's the best web-based RSS reader?

Calling all subscribers... What RSS readers do you use? I am looking for a really good web-based RSS reader to use. I haven't found one that I really like yet, and am thinking about just writing my own. But, first, I thought I would call out to see what YOU are using. Please post a comment with the name/url to the RSS reader you use or have used. Also, if you could please state which features you like or dislike. Thank you very much for your help!

LunchTimeCoder: Windows Service Monitor that runs in the System Tray

Yesterday I started writing a Windows Service Monitor, but I didn't finish it during my lunch time. And, since I had a little extra time last night and this morning (I'm off work today by the way), I spent some time finishing it. Yeah I know it's cheating but I'm the one who wrote the rules for this initiative anyway. This app is relatively simple, you pick what services to monitor on the local machine and it minimizes to the system tray. When a service you are monitoring stops, it will chang... [More]

LunchTimeCoder.AutoSlideShow v1.05 - some small enhancements

Today I spent a small amount of time enhancing the LunchTimeCoder.AutoSlideShow javascript component. Modifications Made: Added image caching so there's no flicker when changing images Added Start, Stop and Previous methods to allow user/programmatic control of the slideshow Converted to using the DOM to add the Image tag that is used rather than the div.innerHTML property; just because that's the correct way to do it There we have it, one more day and another lunch time (partially)&nbs... [More]

Could WiFi be used to cook food?

I know 802.11b and g both use 2.4Ghz frequency range, which is the same as a Microwave Oven. Now the question is, could you basically turn up the power on your router to the point that it would be able to cook food? I know technically (if this were possible) the components inside the router aren't made to withstand handling that much power. But, what if? Microwave = Cooked Food WiFi + Power = Cooked Food????

Creating an IDE? Use the Visual Studio 2008 shell as your base.

Starting with Visual Studio 2008, you'll be able to use the Visual Studio 2008 Shell as the starting point to create your own development tools. The Visual Studio Shell will be available as part of the Visual Studio 2008 SDK, but I believe we'll have to wait until VS'08 RTM's before we'll be able to play with creating apps using the shell. On the Visual Studio 2008 Shell page, there's a screenshot of Floorplan designer built using the VS'08 Shell. This looks like a really neat feature that... [More]

Creating Namespaces in JavaScript is actually rather simple...

Creating Namespaces in JavaScript is rather simple due to the fact that JavaScript is a very flexible language. As far as I know all the popular Ajax frameworks do this (including the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions). Being a .NET programmer (I'm assuming Java programmers would feel the same way), having classes devided up into namespaces makes code alot easier to manage. Here's some code that wraps up the ability to add namespaces into a namespace of it's own: ... [More]

WI .NET User Group - 7/10/2007 - Silverlight!! buzz....

In a nearly last minute announcement, I recieved the usual Wisconsin .NET Users Group meeting announcement email late list night (although I didn't see it until this morning.) This months meeting (July 10th) is on Silverlight (buzz, buzz buzz...). As the WI .NET UG site states "Silverlight is the topic, but the rest of the details are coming soon"; so I don't know who's going to talk or what exactly about but I do hear a loud "BUZZ". If you're interested in attending (and it's completely free) ... [More]

7/6/2007: Yahoo is down?

It appears that is down. I've never seen one of the big guys completely down before. I'm assuming someone is getting fired. Just imagine all the searches that aren't being done right now. And just think, because of IE's default settings, since it can't find, it's doing a search (using the default search provider) on probably MSN for the word "Yahoo". I wonder how many of these people that Yahoo is letting down are going to end up switching to MSN or Google? Hey Yahoo, that's... [More]

LunchTimeCoder Day 2: Moleskine and not much code

I went out at lunch today and purchased a Moleskine (well, the one I got isn't made by the Moleskine company, but it's still a pocket sized, hard cover notebook), and a nice 0.5mm fine point pen. I've already read some of the "hacks" for Moleskine's, and pondered getting one for a few months. I even tried folding a piece of 8.5"x11" paper so it was like a pocket sized book, but that didn't last long due to the vulnarability of paper. My use of it is going to basically be a "poor ... [More]

LunchTimeCoder Day 1: AutoSlideShow - JavaScript Automatic SlideShow Class

Day 1 Todays code is a JavaScript automatic slideshow component. This is a very simple class that you just tell what div to render within and what images to show, and it does the rest. Check out the AutoSlideShow component here Ideas? If you have any ideas on how this component can be improved, please post a comment below.

Announcing the Initiative

How do you spend your lunch time at work? Since I need to take a break away from work, I usually just surf, read up on the latest news (Digg, DotNetKicks), and check my personal email. So, I've come up with a way to make my lunch time more productive. And I'm calling it... Lunch Time Coder. What is Lunch Time Coder? Lunch Time Coder is my new initiative to make my lunch time more productive. I'll take one idea each day and turn it into a usable component or program during m... [More]

7/07: Godaddy Promo Codes

I don't usually have any GoDaddy promo code on hand, so I usually search for some. Usually I don't find any that work. Except this time I search and found one that works, so I think I'll share it. OYH3 - $2 Off / $6.95 any .COM I just used the above code on registering a new domain and renewing an existing one, and it was applied to both.