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XNA and XBox 360: Not until you pony up some ca$h!!

I recently got an XBox 360; and until I got one I didn't fully realize what all its features are. This is a really sweet system! So, naturally I downloaded the XNA Game Studio Express to check out what's all possible with building homebrew games for the 360. After registering my gamertag with the XNA Creators Club and installing XNA Game Studio Express on my PC, I took the following steps: Go on XBox Live Marketplace and download the Free XNA Game Launcher. Run the XNA Game ... [More]

.NET: How to Alias Namespaces and Data Types

One of the little known features of .NET is that you can give complete namespaces and data types alias's that you can reference them with in code. Aliasing Data Types For this example we'll give a different name to the integer data type: In VB.NET: Imports MyInteger = System.Int32; In C#: using MyInteger = System.Int32; Now to use the alias in code: In VB.NET: Public myVariable As MyInteger = 4; In C#: MyInteger myVariable = 4; Aliasing Namespaces For this example, lets assume ... [More]

Attend WI .NET Users Group Holiday Party and get Visual Studio 2008 Free!

Update Dec. 11, 2007: The WI .NET Users Group Holiday Party has been cancelled due to weather, and will be rescheduled. On Dec. 11, 2007, Microsoft is teaming up with the Wisconsin .NET Users Group to throw a special holiday part. There will be Free food and prizes, just like at every other group meeting. Do you want to get Visual Studio 2008 Free? Just bring in your computer and install it at the party. Those that install VS'08 at the party will get a full licensed copy of Visu... [More]

Cryptographic Extensions for Microsoft AJAX Extensions Framework

The Extensions for Microsoft AJAX Framework project over at CodePlex provides cryptographic services including secure encoding and decoding of data, as well as hashing and random number generation, and new methods for JavaScript native objects. This project is pretty cool, and could really grow into a huge library offering us what Microsoft isn't putting into the AJAX Extensions themselves. And, now we have an object oriented, JavaScript way of doing MD5, SHA1, HMAC and AES! Go check it out: ht... [More]

WI-INETA: Augmented Reality with .NET on 11/13/2007 with Casey Chesnut

This months Wisconsin .NET Users Group meeting (and the last one of the year) is tommorow (Nov. 13th) night. This month Casey Chesnut will be presenting on "Augmented Reality with .NET". On a related note, Casey has an article titled "/wpfAugReal: Augmented Reality with Windows Presentation Foundation" that he posted back in the beginning of October. I don't know any details of what he'll be presenting (other than the below meeting description), but I'm assuming he'll be covering some... [More]

Not All Software Developers Need To Be Graphic Designers

Today, I came across a post by Vitaly Gorn titled "Is it time for software developers to master in graphic design?" And, in this article, they explain why software developers need to acquire more graphic design skills today. What's the problem? Most application User Interfaces aren't the most user friendly. I do agree that this is a common problem. And, there is no doubt that the one of the next steps in the evolution of the software industry is betting Graphic Design and User Interf... [More]

Subsite Rewriting HttpModule for ASP.NET

Here's some simple code for easily adding Subsite functionality to an ASP.NET website using UrlRewriting/UrlMapping. Urls are rewritten in the following fashion: ~/jdoe/default.aspx  => ~/default.aspx?site=jdoe ~/jdoe/subfolder/default.aspx => ~/subfolder/default.aspx?site=jdoe And this is all done by the 65 line HttpModule below: [code:c#] using System; using System.Web; /// <summary> /// Summary description for SubsiteRewriteModule /// </summary> public class ... [More]

SimpleBlack Theme for BlogEngine.NET v1.2

I've been looking at the code of BlogEngine.NET and playing around with it a bit lately, so I decided to create a theme to see how easy it is. And, it is actually really simple to do. I actually used the Cogitation theme as the basis and just morphed it into the below theme I call SimpleBlack. If you would like to use it, go ahead. Download: BlogEngine.NET v1.2 SimpleBlack Theme

Software Development = Logical Creativity

Programming = Logical There is a lot of logic involved in computer programming, just as there is in Math. In college they teach you a lot of mathematics and how to use that same logical thinking with programming. It's true that if you're good at math, you may have the potential to be good at programming. Development = Creativity The development aspect of building a software solution is the creative aspect to programming. When you design or architect a software solution there is a t... [More]