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LINQ to JavaScript: Update Release v1.01 With More Functionality

Today, I put out v1.01 update release to the LINQ to JavaScript (JSLINQ) Project. This update adds even more LINQ functionality; to view a list of what't been added go here. I'm currently working on adding some cool things to JSLINQ that will make their way into the next couple releases. Among these are a small JSLINQ Interactive SDK that will make its way into the next release, and some performance enhancements that Brennan Stehling suggested. If you have any suggestions for th... [More]

LINQ to JavaScript (JSLINQ) Open Source Project Launched!

I know LINQ is still rather fresh to everyone yet, and you may not have really used it much, but I just started a new Open Source project called "LINQ to JavaScript". Or, JSLINQ for short. This project brings the ease of querying data collections down to the JavaScript world. Here are some simple examples of using LINQ to JavaScript: var myList = [{FirstName:"Chris",LastName:"Pearson"},{FirstName:"Kate",LastName:"Johnson"},{FirstName:"Josh",LastName:"Sutherland"},{FirstName:"John",LastName:... [More]

Virtual Earth: Dynamically Load InfoBox Using ASP.NET AJAX

Loading alot of pushpins on the map can slow down your page in two ways: 1) Page load times can be slowed down, and 2) loading pushpins via ajax can be slow. To improve the performance (as in download and database query times) of loading pushpins on the map, you can load the Pushpin Shapes Title and Description on the fly. This allows you to only load the Pushpins Title and Description as it's needed, thus reducing the amount of data you need to send down to the client when initially loadin... [More]

Getting Started with Virtual Earth and ASP.NET AJAX

About a month ago, I wrote an article titled "Virtual Earth: Getting Started - Adding a basic Map to a page". In that article I explained the basics of using Virtual Earth with plain HTML and JavaScript. This time I'm going to explain the basics of using Virtual Earth with ASP.NET AJAX. Virtual Earth and ASP.NET AJAX Step 1: Create a new ASP.NET AJAX Web Site in Visual Studio 2005, or just an ASP.NET Web Site in Visual Studio 2008. Step 2: Open up the Default.aspx page... [More]

Introduction to LINQ

What is LINQ? LINQ (Language INtegrated Query) is more than just a new method of embedding SQL queries within code. It allows to to perform Strongly Typed queries on any kind of data, just as long as the collection of data implements the IEnumerable interface. The most important part is "Language Integrated". This allows you to more easily write queries in C# 3.0 and VB 9.0 such as:   IEnumerable<Person> filterExample1 = from Person in people     &nbs... [More]

2008 Microsoft Launch Event and Free Software

On February 27th in Los Angeles, CA, Microsoft is kicking off a series of "HEROES happen {here}" launch events nationwide. These are the official launch events for Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, and SQL Server 2008. And, one of the best parts is everyone that takes part in one of the events will be taking home a promotional kit with versions of all three products. Since the Milwaukee event isn't until May 8th, I've registered for the Chicago event on March 11th. I don't want to w... [More]

QBasic was my First Programming Language

Recently, I got to thinking about my beginning of programming, and the Basic language. So, I thought I'd explain my early history with Basic a little bit. Basic was Easy My first programming language was QBasic. The reason I started learning QBasic was for the following reasons: QBasic came for Free on the Windows 95 CD-ROM There were more help sites on the internet dedicated to QB than any other language at the time. There weren't many resources on C++ back in the day (about 1996), eve... [More]

JavaScript int.TryParse Equivalent

One of the most handy methods in .NET is the int.TryParse method. It makes it really convenient when evaluating a string value as an integer. But, JavaScript has no equivalent so you need to do your own evaluation every time. Here's a simple JavaScript method I wrote that takes the work out of evaluating a string to an integer: function TryParseInt(str,defaultValue) { var retValue = defaultValue; if(str !== null) { if(str.length > 0) { if (!isNaN(str)) { ... [More]

DotNetKicks is 2 years old, today! Way to go!

The DotNetKicks site is 2 years old today. Way to go! Gavin Joyce started it, and now two years ago and alot of community contribution the site definately the place to find any resource you need on anything MS .NET related. What is is a community based news site edited by our members. It specialises in .NET development techniques, technologies and tools including ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, C++, Visual Studio, SubSonic, Open Source, SQL Server, Silverlight & Mono.... [More]