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Intel Core i7 920 - Initial Thoughts, Overclocking and Windows Vista

I recently upgraded my main desktop machine to a new Intel Core i7 920 CPU and all its glory. Here's a write up of my experience in choosing the Core i7 (over the Core 2 Quad) and my experiences with it so far. Thoughts Before Upgrading - Core 2 Quad or Core i7? My previous machine was an AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (2.2Ghz) with 4GB DDR2 800Mhz Ram. The system ran great, but it was two years old and my requirements for using Virtualization (via Virtual PC) have increased so it's time for an upgrad... [More]

ASP.NET AJAX: Create a JavaScript Component with Events

In the spirit of my "Mixing OOP and Event Driving Programming" article I posted a couple days ago; this article discusses how to implement the same thing using the ASP.NET AJAX JavaScript Library. Using inheritence (the ASP.NET AJAX way) it is even easier to implement a little Event Driven Model into your client-side, JavaScript classes/components. Event Driven Basics First we'll start by creating a Person class that inherits from the Sys.Component class. Now remember, sin... [More]

JavaScript: Mixing OOP and Event Driven Programming

To expand on my previous article on how to create Objects in JavaScript using Prototypal Inheritence, this article will show you how to implement Event Driven Programming with those objects. Implementing Event Driven Programming in JavaScript sounds difficult, but it's actually rather simpel to implement. To keep with the Prototypal Inheritence theme, we'll create an "EventObject" class that will have the plumbing necessary for implementing Events, and then we'll inher... [More]

Implementing Namespaces in Ruby using Nested Modules

Recently, I finally got around to starting to learn Ruby. I am finding it to be rather pleasant to program in. Now, one thing that I am used to using with an Object Oriented language (especially with my .NET background) are Namespaces. The only problem is that you can't just declare a namespace in Ruby using a "namespace" keyword. However, it's not difficult to implement Namespaces in Ruby, all you need to do is nest some modules. To demonstrate this, I'll show you how... [More]