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Windows speech recognition saves the day!

Since my arm/hand was injured last week, I have started using the Windows Vista Speech Recognition and it is helping me to type since I can only type with one hand.  It still takes a little while to type things, but it does help with some of the frustration.  In fact I typed this post by dictation, with a little help of one handed typing.  Speech recognition is fairly simple to use but it does take some getting used to; you need to learn the commands and I have yet to get it worki... [More]

Vista Sidebar Gadget for Pandora Radio

I see that Pandora has released a Windows Sidebar Gadget themselves. You can find it here: I found the Pandora Sidebar Gadget. This gadget lets Pandora live within the Vista Sidebar, thus not taking up (waisting) any valuable taskbar space. This gadget is simple and it just works. Awesome job Brad! You can download it here:

Develop Software for the Microsoft Windows Platform for FREE

I've been lucky enough to get 2 free MSDN subscriptions over the last few years, so I've never needed to purchase Visual Studio, Office or SQL Server. The first MSDN subscription I won in a blogging contest back in 2006, and the second I got when I won the Microsoft MVP award earlier this year (2008). Before you start to think that I'm braging; just let me point out that I am very greatful for this. Below is a list/guide that I would follow if I wasn't so fortunate, and I'm not talking about sof... [More]

Internet Explorer 6, wont you ever die?!

I've come across the website a couple times recently, and I definately agree. And I quote from the site: "Internet Explorer 6 will be SEVEN years old on August 27th [2008]. It came out a few weeks before the Twin Towers fell. It came out before the Nintendo GameCube. It came out before the first iPod. It's time to put a deadline on dropping IE6, and I say that time is now, and the deadline should be soon... say like, March 2009. That's roughly ... [More]

Busby SEO Test

Busby SEO Test is Polluting the Internet with Link Spam!!! For awhile now (a couple months I believe) I've been getting Comment Spam for this "Busby SEO Test" contest. The commenters post some crap comment, and they enter their name as "Busby SEO Test" and put in their contest landing page as their URL. It's almost impossible to figure out who is behind this 'contest' since searching for "Busby SEO Test" on Google just pulls up all these ... [More]