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Managed JScript on the DLR from Microsoft is DEAD!! WHY?!??

I’ve been questioning here and there as to what happened to Managed JScript on the Dynamic Language Runtime. The most recent preview release is really old, and it has since been taken out of any further preview releases of the DLR, where as IronRuby and IronPython continue on. No More Managed JScript on the DLR? For some time I never really got any good answers. Well, it’s really sad to hear that apparently Microsoft decided to drop it completely. According the this link, a member on the DLR ... [More]

Building JavaScript / HTML based Applications using Adobe Air for FREE

As a web developer I use JavaScript, HTML and CSS a lot. I do however build desktop applications too, but can’t use those same tools/languages to build them. So, for quite some time now I’ve wanted to be able to build Desktop Applications using the same JavaScript, HTML and CSS that I use to build Web Applications. Now with the help of Adobe AIR it can finally be done with ease, and even have multi-platform support. In this post I’m going to discuss the basics of creating a Ja... [More]

Bing Maps for Enterprise (formerly Virtual Earth) Licensing FAQ

I usually get at least 1 email a month asking me some form of the below questions about Virtual Earth / Bing Maps for Enterprise Licensing. So, I’ve decided to post some information on the topic. I’m not a Bing Maps for Enterprise (formerly  Virtual Earth) Reseller, nor do I work for Microsoft or represent Microsoft in any way; so the following tips/faq are my own opinion and do not represent Microsoft in any way. For official answers, please contact Microsoft directly and refer to the “Mi... [More]