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Easily Convert Between HTML and RGB Colors using JavaScript

To make things easier for converting between HTML Colors and RGB Colors using JavaScript I wrote the below “ColorConverter” object. This object has 2 methods that easily allow you to convert between HTML Colors (ex: #FF33C2) and RGB Colors (ex: 255, 0, 233). There isn’t anything built into JavaScript for doing this, and it can come in very handing when working with the Bing Maps VEColor object. Usage Examples: var rgb = ColorConverter.toRGB("#FF000A"); // returns {r:255, g:0, b... [More]

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Setup Contains a Weird Blue Mac-Style Button!

I just finished installing Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 within a Windows 7 Virtual Machine running within Windows VIrtual PC and the Final/Finish screen of the installation wizard contains a weird, blue, Mac-style Button. Ok, I know it’s not exactly how the button are in the UI of Max OSX, but it’s much closer to that than it is to Windows 7 buttons. The button looks so incredibly out of place, and I wonder who decided that it should be used, especially since it doesn’t match the... [More]

2009 Reading Goal Is On Track

I really haven't been reading enough books of the the last few years. Sure I read a ton of blogs and such online, but what about books? Books are nice, cohesive collections of information; at least most of the time. There are a lot of things I'd like to learn more about, both related to computers and not. So, sometime in January (this wasn't a new years resolution, just a coincidence), I decided to try to read at minimum 12 books throughout the year. Basically, at least 1 book each month, and af... [More]