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Silverlight with WCF RIA Services Throws "Project File ... Not Found" Error When Compiling in Visual Studio 2010 RC

While working with the Silverlight Business Application template in Visual Studio 2010 RC I discovered a peculiar issue that if the project specified as the "WCF RIA Services Link" for the Silverlight Project can not be found a compile time error of "Project File ... Not Found" will be generated. This is a very cryptic error message since it's the same message that gets thrown if you delete a Project File (.csproj or .vbproj) from the hard drive but it's still references within the Solution File... [More]

Software Basics: What are Databases and Data Access Layers, and How do they relate to Web Services?

In my own personal discussions with other developers and computer users I've seen a fair amount of confusion as to what a database is. Since the purpose of almost all applications is to Create/Read/Update/Delete data, they need to connect to a database, since data persistence storage need to be provided for the application to function as intended. If you want to stick to the simplest definition below, then a file cabinet is technically a database, but now that we're in the information age we don... [More]

Bing Maps JS: Calculate Area of Circle and Draw Circle on Map

Something that can be usefull at times in being able to calculate the total Area of a circle, especially when plotting it on a map. So, I decided to slightly modify my "Draw a Circle Radius Around Lat/Lng Point" to make it also calculate the Area of the circles and display that value within the TItle of the Circle Shapes Pushpin. Remember, back in Trig class, it's fairly simple to calculate the area of a circle. You just Multiply Pi by the Radius Squared. Area = Pi * (radius * radius) Anyway,... [More]