Chris Pietschmann

husband, father, hacker, entrepreneur, futurist, innovator, autodidact


Draggable Pushpins using Bing Maps Silverlight Control

Using a map to visualize data within an application is great, but you must first get the location of the data to be displayed. If you have the address you can geocode it using the Bing Maps Web Services, but "What if you can't geocode it?" Or, "What if the geocoding can't find the address?" Well, if your user knows where the location is, then you can have them point it out by clicking on the map. Creating Pushpins in response to a users click is nice, but wouldn't it be even ... [More]

Boycott BP, Save the Planet!

I've decided to boycott BP until the Oil Spill in the Guld of Mexico is fixed/cleaned up! If you remember the oil spill in Alaska back in the '80's then you remember all the pictures/videos of all the animals killed by being covered in oil. The same thing is happening today in the Gulf of Mexico with the oil drilling blowout that has been spewing oil into the ocean for a month now. Oil does not occur naturaling in the ocean or on land. As a result animals can not breath or fly when covered in o... [More]