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Intro to IronRuby/DLR Scripting in C# Silverlight 4 Application

I’ve been working lately on figuring out how to add DLR scripting support to a Silverlight 4 application I’ve been working on. The idea is to give it a plugin style architecture, with the plugins being written in a DLR language; currently focusing on IronRuby. I originally searched how to do this, but couldn’t find any recent articles that discuss Silverlight 4. Also, most articles out don’t target Silverlight and more of them discuss IronPython and not IronRuby, even though the DLR stuff is the... [More]

The Future of Location: You Haven't Seen Nothing Yet!

The popularity of location aware devices and software has been on the rise for the last five years, since Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth (now Bing Maps) were initially released. Surprisingly, however, the utilization and adoption of geo-location and mapping haven't been as rapid as I had speculated back in 2005. Today there are all kinds of location based applications and services popping up. Paper Maps and Expensive Software Prior to 2005 the existence of maps were mostly on paper. Y... [More]