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2 Interesting TED Talks on The Truth About Plastic

Below are videos of two TED talks that I discovered over at They talk about how bad plastic is for the environment, the earth, for us in the end. One disturbing thing that's mentioned is that plastic does break down into smaller pieces over time, but plastic is always plastic, is always plastic. It never truly breaks down to a point where the environment can use if for something other than pollution. Dianna Cohen: Tough truths about plastic pollution Capt. Charles Moore on the seas of... [More]

Silverlight: Modify MEF to load plugins from DLL and XAP files

I’m using MEF in a new project, and the limitation that I’ve found in using MEF with Silverlight is that it only supports downloading and loading plugins/assemblies from XAP files. What I would really like to do is support plugins that are compiled into either individual DLL’s or more complex plugins within a XAP. Update: I have also posted this to the Issue Tracker on the MEF CodePlex site. Why individual DLL’s? The really answer to this is flexibility. I don’t think they creators of MEF mad... [More]

Silverlight: Embed IronRuby within XAML Part 2

In the previous post I explored the possibility of embedding IronRuby / DLR Script within XAML using both an IValueConverter and Custom UserControl. I spent a little more time experimenting with the DLRScriptUserControl I posted, and came up with some small modifications to it that allow UI event handlers to be wired up using a DLR language (such as IronRuby. Loading Assemblies Into the ScriptEngine.Runtime Context Something nice with how the ScriptEngine class allows you to execute a script o... [More]

Silverlight: Embed IronRuby/DLR Scripting within XAML using IValueConverter and Custom UserControl

After I wrote the “Intro to IronRuby/DLR Scripting in C# Silverlight 4 Application” post, I came across an interesting series on embedding DLR scripts in XAML with WPF. This is an interesting series, although the code doesn’t run in Silverlight, due to the fact that Silverlight is only a subset of WPF and doesn’t support the System.Windows.Markup.MarkupExtension class. I test out a couple things in Silverlight, and I was able to get similar DLR scripting functionality working under Silverlight u... [More]