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Step By Step: Bing Maps Silverlight and an Out Of Browser (OOB) Application

I’ve received a couple questions regarding the display of the Bing Maps Silverlight control within a Silverlight Out Of Browser (OOB) application, so I decided to write up a simple step by step example of creating a basic Silverlight OOB application that displays a map. Step By Step Example Follow the below steps to create a basic Silverlight OOB application that displays a map using the Bing Maps Silverlight control within Visual Studio 2010: Step 1: Create New Project In this case, I’m ... [More]

Geomap Project - HTML Extensions for Rendering Map Displays

One thing missing from HTML5 is the ability to render maps on a page. The Bing Maps and Google Maps JavaScript API’s are generally fairly simple to implement, but they could both be easier. I wrote up a small example API that allows you to add Maps, and plot data on those Maps, to an HTML page by using mostly HTML markup using a new <geomap/> tag. While this project uses JavaScript to perform the map rendering once the page loads, all you need to do to implement it is write some simple ma... [More]

MvcXaml - Images from XAML within ASP.NET MVC Application

It can be cumbersome using GDI+ to dynamically generate images based on data. I recently had to perform some dynamic image generation within an ASP.NET MVC application, and had the idea of using XAML to define what the image will look like. In a relatively short amount of time, including searching the web and looking at Anoop Madhusudanan’s example, I successfully put together a proper ASP.NET MVC ViewEngine to perform this task. Download MvcXaml with Samples! Basics of Usage After you regi... [More]

Technology to Watch in 2011 and Beyond

While we may not find evidence of extrasolar intelligence, there is plenty of terrestrial things to keep in eye on. But then again, you never know. The below items are not numbered, as I did not want to emphasize any single item more than the others. They are all important and their advancements WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING! “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke Advancements in Technology Touch Screens Sure, we’ve seen single touch monito... [More]

Odd .NET Namespace Scoping Causes Compile-Time Exception

This isn’t really a bug in the .NET compilers, but it sure is an interesting namespace scoping issue that could easily be encountered. If this teaches you anything, be it that you should never name a nested namespace level the same name as one of its parents in the hierarchy. In C# First here’s the Compile Time Exception that I was getting: The type or namespace name ‘Data’ does not exist in namespace ‘MyApp.Data.MyApp’ (are you missing an assembly reference?) At first I was like “What do yo... [More]