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Deeper in .NET 2011 in Review with Pictures

I had a great time at Deeper in .NET 2011 this past Saturday. It was a day full of geek speak about .NET, HTML5, MVVM, Silverlight, IOC, Windows Phone 7 and more! Not only were the sessions great, but it was also an awesome opportunity to network with other local developers and recruiters. A special thanks goes out to all those who helped organize and administer the event! (Too many to name and frankly I don’t want to leave any one out.) Also, thanks must be given to the sponsors and speakers. ... [More]

New “Earthquakes in Last 7 Days” Bing Map App

In recent light of the earthquakes, tsunami and huge disaster in Japan, I put together the new “Earthquakes in Last 7 Days” Bing Map App. You can try it here: “Earthquakes in Last 7 Days” Bing Map App This app pulls in the USGS feed of earthquakes of magnitude 2.5+ from the past 7 days. When ever you go to the app, it will show you the most recent earthquakes that have occurred. Here’s a screenshot showing all the earthquakes globally from the USGS feed at the time of writing this blog post: ... [More]