Chris Pietschmann

husband, father, hacker, entrepreneur, futurist, innovator, autodidact


Public Domain or at least Open Source Licensing Eventually

Most copyrighted products are proprietary and closed source; such as books, software programs and all other types of copyrightable materials. The reason for this, and a very good one IMO, is to allow the author(s) to make a living on what they've created. While some are open source from the start, most are proprietary; which makes sense. After all, you wont be able to create future products if you can't afford to pay the bills. When to Set it Free However, there comes a time in the natural life ... [More]

There is no product unless you first ship it!

Just as there is no business without something to sell; you do not have a product until you ship it. What to ship? How to ship? When to ship? Where to ship? There are many questions that need to be answered before shipping a product. However, one thing always remains true:A product only succeeds if you ship it. It may be difficult to determine when/if/how/where your product fits. However, you can always reiterate and improve the product for the next release. Every product isn’t as great at... [More]