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Some of you that follow my blog may have noticed that it’s been almost a month since I’ve really posted anything. I know I’ve done this in the past when I’ve been busy working on other things (mostly to get paid), but this time it’s for an entirely different reason… My wife and I had a beautiful baby girl! And, we’ve been adjusting to our new sleep schedule of only getting 2-4 hours of sleep maximum at a time. Anyone with kids understands how it is with a newborn, and now only after having one ... [More]

I Still Believe in Programming Language Independence

Four years ago I posted about an idea of having the IDE (Visual Studio) do auto-conversion of your code from one programming language to another so give developers more language independence. I recognize that the only languages, perhaps, that would lend themselves to this are C# and VB.NET. They aren't completely equal yet, so it would still be difficult at this time, since each has a few features that the other doesn't. Just imagine being able to open any solution within Visual Stu... [More]

DotNetKicks is 2 years old, today! Way to go!

The DotNetKicks site is 2 years old today. Way to go! Gavin Joyce started it, and now two years ago and alot of community contribution the site definately the place to find any resource you need on anything MS .NET related. What is is a community based news site edited by our members. It specialises in .NET development techniques, technologies and tools including ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, C++, Visual Studio, SubSonic, Open Source, SQL Server, Silverlight & Mono.... [More]

My RSS Feed URL has changed.

My RSS feed url has changed to the following: The old url will still be active for awhile still, but I will be setting it to redirect to the new one shortly. So, please update your reference to my feed in your reader. Until now, I have been using a small, hidden 1 pixel image to track the views of my posts through my feed. I have been able to tell that I may have approximately 50 subscribers, but I'm not completely sure. This is why I have decided to ... [More]

12/2007: Code that I've Blogged over the last 6 months

Here's a list of links to all the different code that I've blogged over the last 6 months. .NET Framework .NET: How to Alias Namespaces and Data Types LunchTimeCoder: Windows Service Monitor that runs in the System Tray .NET 3.5: How to Convert from one TimeZone to another ASP.NET Google Charts API: an ASP.NET 2.0 Server Control Subsite Rewriting HttpModule for ASP.NET ASP.NET: RewritePath breaks HyperLink's ImageUrl in App_Theme file when path with slash is rewritten ASP.NET AJAX:... [More]

My Blog content is now licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License...

My Blog content is now licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License by default. If I do license specific content under a different license, then I'll post the license with the content. So, pretty much unless explicitly stated otherwise all content on this blog is now under the Creative Commons Attribution License. For more info about what this license is; click the link below. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License, unless explicitly stat... [More]

Real Estate - The Search That Should Be.

There are so many real estate sites out there, and each one has certain features or aspects about them that attract certain users more than others. However, even though there are so many, it just seems that no one can really get it right. Property Search Property Search is the main reason everyone visits a real estate website; because we're looking to buy or sell a home. You enter in the criteria you're looking for and the website shows you a list of properties matching your criteria. Cle... [More]

US Cellular is dicontinuing the Motorola v323i, but you can still buy it from Motorola!

I just renewed my cell phone contract and was lucky enough to get a couple of the last Motorola v323i phones that the local stores had left. Apparently they are discontiuing this model, and US Cellular has them on sale (if you can find them) for $30 with a new contract. This is the best phone for the price from what I've heard when researching what new phone to get. I've heard it compared to the MotoRAZR a few times; except of course it does have less features than the RAZR. For example the v3... [More]

Proposed DotNetKicks Redesign!

The current skin of DotNetKicks just isn't quite there. It doesn't look as cool as it could. And I'm sure it's just because the time hasn't been spent to make it look good. So, I thought I'd put together a mockup design that is based off the current design, but with some improvements. I like it, but the test is if any of you like it too. Let me know what you think. Current DotNetKicks: Proposed Redsign for DotNetKicks: Download:View Larger ImagePaint.NET .PDN File By the way, the font I ... [More]

Top posts of all time as of 2007/9/27

Here's a list of my top blog posts of all time. I really would rather the MSN WebMessenger and Homestarrunner ones weren't in the list, but sometimes you just strike a chord of what regular people (non-programmers) search for. Top 10 posts of all time by total number of page views: 69,629 - MSN WebMessenger65,769 - ASP.NET 2.0: URL Mapping with RegEx Support26,319 - - pretty cool toons23,197 - I now have my key for Vista Ultimate18,614 - WinXP SP2 limites max. number of ... [More]

Links - 2007-09-26

Here's a ton of links to articles and stuff that I've come across. Included are some links that I marked as favorite within IE and just haven't seemed to go back to, 'till today. It's probably link overload, but hopefully you find some of it usefull. ASP.NET A Boilerplate HttpHandler - Scott HanselmanDynamically resize uploaded images & save in PNG format - Anil RadhakrishnaMaking sense of ASP.NET Paths - Rick StrahlRendering ASP.NET Controls Out of Place - Dave ReedMake Your ASP.NET ... [More]

Weekly Links - 2007-09-07

C# - GenericsC# Generics, Part 2/4: Constraints, Members, Operators - Patrick Smacchia C# Multi-Type Generic Constraints - Adam Esterline C# 2.0 Constraints on Generic Types - Dan Vallejo ASP.NET 2.0Creating a Custom ASP.NET Profile Provider - Shawn Wildermuth Misc.25 steps for building a Micro-ISV - Leon Bambrick

What's the best web-based RSS reader?

Calling all subscribers... What RSS readers do you use? I am looking for a really good web-based RSS reader to use. I haven't found one that I really like yet, and am thinking about just writing my own. But, first, I thought I would call out to see what YOU are using. Please post a comment with the name/url to the RSS reader you use or have used. Also, if you could please state which features you like or dislike. Thank you very much for your help!

Could WiFi be used to cook food?

I know 802.11b and g both use 2.4Ghz frequency range, which is the same as a Microwave Oven. Now the question is, could you basically turn up the power on your router to the point that it would be able to cook food? I know technically (if this were possible) the components inside the router aren't made to withstand handling that much power. But, what if? Microwave = Cooked Food WiFi + Power = Cooked Food????

7/6/2007: Yahoo is down?

It appears that is down. I've never seen one of the big guys completely down before. I'm assuming someone is getting fired. Just imagine all the searches that aren't being done right now. And just think, because of IE's default settings, since it can't find, it's doing a search (using the default search provider) on probably MSN for the word "Yahoo". I wonder how many of these people that Yahoo is letting down are going to end up switching to MSN or Google? Hey Yahoo, that's... [More]

7/07: Godaddy Promo Codes

I don't usually have any GoDaddy promo code on hand, so I usually search for some. Usually I don't find any that work. Except this time I search and found one that works, so I think I'll share it. OYH3 - $2 Off / $6.95 any .COM I just used the above code on registering a new domain and renewing an existing one, and it was applied to both.

Site Referral Keywords: Top 10, Strange and Surprising

I've had Google Analytics set up on my site since the middle of January so I can get an idea on what content gets the most traffic. The goal has been satisfied; I know which pages get the most hits. Now, if there were a way to integrate it within my RSS feed... but that is another topic to discuss elsewhere. I was looking at some of my referral keywords from search engines, and I thought I'd share some of them. I was actually a little surprise that some of my posts ranked as high as they did wi... [More]

Want to eliminate DRM? Just Boycott all DRM protected content.

What to eliminate DRM? And, give the rights back to the consumer? People have been complaining about it for how long; but the solution is rather simple. Don't buy it! If you don't buy DRM protected content, the producers of such content will be forced to release DRM-less content. As simple as that.  

HD-DVD: A DMCA Protected Number??

09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 56 88 c0 Apparently displaying the secret key hidden on all HD-DVD disks is a violation of the DMCA. Hmm... 09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 56 88 c0 hires wife of Google VP of Marketing

Move Inc. has just hired Lorna Borenstein to be the new President of Move Inc. How does this relate to Google? Lorna Borenstein is married to David Lawee (Vice President, Marketing at Google). Even though Lorna Borenstein has a large list of really impressive qualifications (and am in no way trying to belittle that, I do find them quite impressive), I can't help but speculate that the Move Inc. Board of Directors may have took the fact of who she's married to into consideration ... [More]

Make your RSS feeds Auto-Discoverable

RSS Autodiscovery is a technique that makes it possible for browsers and other software to automatically find a site's RSS feed. This feature is actually support by both Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7. To make your RSS feeds auto-discoverable just include an HTML/XHTML Link tag inside the Head tag of your website. You can even include multiple Link tags, which allows you to make all your RSS feeds auto-discoverable at the same time. For Example:<link rel="alternative" type="application... [More]

DotNetKicks auto bookmarklet

Here's a bookmarklet for submitting a link to DotNetKicks that automatically passes in the URL, Title and Description. To specify the description to submit all you have to do is highlight text on the page. Try it:DotNetKicks (Auto Bookmarklet) To add this bookmarklet to your favorites, just drag it to the favorites or right-click and select "Add to Favorites". What is a bookmarklet?A bookmarklet is a small JavaScript program that can be stored as a URL within a bookmark in most popu... [More]