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JavaScript Tips: Parse QueryString to Dictionary

The URL Query String is something that is usually just sent to the server-side code and parse there for use in specifying the data to query. A somewhat little known feature of the JavaScript DOM is that the QueryString values are accessible from client-side javaScript code too. The following code can be used to read what the full QueryString value is from the current pages URL: var queryString =; Although, the QueryString value can be accessed from JavaScript, it isn't p... [More]

JavaScript Function Tips and Tricks

First, What is a JavaScript Function? As defined by a JavaScript Function is: "A function is a reusable code-block that will be executed by an event, or when the function is called." - You're probably thinking, "Well, Yeah. I knew that." But, how much do you really know about JavaScript Functions? JavaScript Function uses you already know Here's the most basic ways of using functions to get things done that most web developers are fa... [More]