Chris Pietschmann

husband, father, hacker, entrepreneur, futurist, innovator, autodidact


Comfort is Overrated. Change is Exciting and Revealing!

We naturally tend to resist change and cling to our comfort zones. Venture out and try something new on a regular basis. You might fail; you might succeed. But, you will never know which if you don’t try. The only way to truly grow as a person, both personally and professionally, is to step out where you’ve never been and try something new. You WILL surprise yourself with what you can handle when you set aside fear and embrace novelty.

Stop. Relax. Now, GO!

Once in a while you need to pause and rest for a second so you can collect your thoughts before pushing forward. The rush of pushing forward all the time leaves little time to reflect on what’s been done and where you’re headed. Don’t forget to force yourself to regain a little perspective once in a while. Stop. Take a breath of fresh air. Now, GO!

Work Smart, Not Hard

There is nothing wrong with working hard. A lot of people have made quite a successful career for themselves by working hard. But, if you keep working hard today, then you will still be working hard tomorrow. It is more important to work smart... [More]

The Follow Or Lead Delimma of Sheep and Wolves

To follow or lead; that is the question. No matter how you look at it, people in our society are constantly following in one capacity or another. However, there are a few people that stand out / take risks / try new things. These are the leaders, the entrepreneurs, the wolves. Without wolves the sheep would never discover any innovation, and the world would stagnate. Are you a Sheep or a Wolf?