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Peek Inside Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta

Microsoft recently released the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta. It's a free app for existing Mojang customers who have already purchased the desktop/Java version of Minecraft. This is one of the first UWP apps for Windows 10 from Microsoft and given Minecraft's long history with Java, I thought I'd peek inside and see how much implementation details I could gleam. This post chronicles what I've been able to find out. [More]

Peeking inside the Twitter Windows 8 App

I decide to peek inside the Twitter Windows 8 App package to see what language they are using and to see if I can find any open source projects being used within. Well, I found some interesting stuff… How to view inside the package You can view any Windows 8 app package that is installed on your computer as it resides within the following folder: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps Each package has it’s own folder within that folder. Here’s the full path to the package folder where the Twitter a... [More]

Windows 8 App: Simple Weight Log–My first Windows Store App

A few weeks ago I built and released Simple Weight Log (my first Windows 8 app in the store.) The app allows you to enter your weight in a log by date and it charts the different weigh-ins in a line graph to allow you to easily visualize weight changes over time. View in Windows Store “Are you trying to loose weight? or, gain weight? If so, then Simple Weight Log will allow you to easily log and track metrics on your progress.” Application Features Simple and easy to use I purposely bu... [More]