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Mainstream support for Visual Basic 6.0 will end March 31


Mainstream support for Visual Basic 6.0 will end March 31, 2005. Its kind of like Microsoft forcing us to all start using .NET. Fankly I'd rather I didn't have to use VB6 anymore anyway.

As of the end of 2002, you can no longer purchase any licenses for Visual Basic 6.0. In the event that you need additional licenses for VB6; Microsoft Volume Licensing allow downgrade rights under Volumne Licensing 6.0. Customers who purchase the current release have full downgrade rights to previous versions. In simple terms, if you own a license for Visual Basic .NET 2003 you are allowing to use Visual Basic 6 instead; the only downside to downgrading your license is that you can't have both the current version and the older one installed at the same time. To determine if you are eligible for downgrade rights, check the product's EULA.


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