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The NEW Microsoft Certified Architect Program (MCAP)

Microsoft has announced the new Microsoft Certified Architect Program (MCAP). The goal of the MCAP is to identify the top industry experts in IT Architecture. This is a very high level certification.

The certification process has 8 steps:

  1. The Microsoft Certified Architect candidate is expected to have at least 10 years of verifiable experience as a practicing architect prior to applying for the program
  2. The candidate applies for acceptance into the program by:
    • Contacting Microsoft directly (via the web site) during an open enrollment period
    • Being referred by his or her employer
    • Being referred by an existing Microsoft Certified Architect or Microsoft Certified Architect Review Board member
  3. The candidate’s application is screened for the necessary work experience
  4. Upon verification of experience, the candidate is accepted into the program and assigned a program mentor
  5. In addition to a program mentor, the candidate is given access to a library of self-paced technical and non-technical content to assist them in the preparation of their solution
  6. The candidate submits his or her solution to the Review Board in preparation for formal presentation to the Board.
  7. The candidate attends the Review Board Meeting and presents his or her solution to the Review Board members. Upon conclusion of the presentation, the candidate fields a series of questions about his solution and presentation from the Review Board
  8. After the formal presentation and a positive vote from the Review Board, the candidate is awarded the Microsoft Certified Architect credential

I think this is a great move. This cert will single out the best of the best in IT Solution Architecture. However, I don't really agree with the initial requirement of 10 years of verifiable experience as a practicing architect prior to applying. I think they should maybe recomend 10 years but require maybe say 5 year of experience. Someone with 10 years of experience could be at the same level as someone with 5 years of experience. Everybody learns at different rates (I'm not complaining about the requirements because I want to apply for it now.) I wouldn't want to see someone have to wait 5 more years to be able to be accepted into the program just because (even though they are qualified) they only have 5 years of expereince.

Who knows, maybe some day I'll become MCAP certified.

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