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Can you run Mac OS X within Virtual PC 2007 on Windows?

Does anyone know if Mac OS X can be run within Virtual PC 2007 under Windows?

I've searched and can't find any evidence of this being possible. I am thinking about possibly doing this because I would like to do some software testing on Mac OS X, and I would rather spend less for just the OS than buy a Mac Mini.

Mac OS X - $129.00
Mac Mini - $599.00

If anyone has any clues please let me know.

Update 5/22/2007:
The day I originally posted this, I also contacted Ben Armstrong, through his blog (Virtual PC Guy), and asked hime if this is possible with Virtual PC 2007. Here's the reply I got from him:

This is not possible for three reasons:

        1) Apple does not allow this in their OS licensing

        2) Mac OS X specifically checks to ensure that it is installing on Apple hardware

        3) Mac OS X requires that the computer has an APIC - which we do not emulate





There we go, a definate answer of No. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to look for another solution. I think I remember reading somewhere that VMWare supports it...

If I find out more into, I'll post it here.


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