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Top posts of all time as of 2007/9/27

Here's a list of my top blog posts of all time. I really would rather the MSN WebMessenger and Homestarrunner ones weren't in the list, but sometimes you just strike a chord of what regular people (non-programmers) search for.

Top 10 posts of all time by total number of page views:

69,629 - MSN WebMessenger
65,769 - ASP.NET 2.0: URL Mapping with RegEx Support
26,319 - - pretty cool toons
23,197 - I now have my key for Vista Ultimate
18,614 - WinXP SP2 limites max. number of TCP connections/second
15,136 - URL Mapping for ASP.NET 1.1
12,939 - JavaScript Loop through all elements in a form
12,895 - ASP.NET 2.0: Place JavaScript inside the Page.Header
12,839 - C# .NET: Convert System.Drawing.Color to HTML color

Top 10 posts of all time by total number of Comments:

28 - ASP.NET 2.0: URL Mapping with RegEx Support
21 - - pretty cool toons
14 - ASP.NET 2.0: Use VB.NET and C# within the App_Code folder
13 - Windows Vista Device Drivers for Belkin F5D7000 Wireless Network Card
11 - ASP.NET: Extend BoundField Control - Add MultiLine Support
11 - ASP.NET 2.0: How to get a specific ConnectionString from the Web.Config by name
11 - ASP.NET 2.0: Client Callbacks inside a User Control
10 - Vista Experience Update: Windows Vista x64 runs 32-bt Internet Explorer by Default
10 - Configure Visual Studio 2005 for "Classic" ASP syntax highlighting and intellisense
9 - ASP.NET Forums is gone and Community Server's not free

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