C#: How to iterate over a dictionary?

C#: What is the difference between 'string' and System.String?

Include Javascript File in Another Javascript File

Javascript: How Closures Work

Javascript: Redirect to another webpage with Javascript and jQuery

Javascript: Check if string contains a substring

JavaScript: How to Print to Console, console.log, console.error, console.debug

How to Hide a Column in AG-Grid and Prevent it from Displaying in the Tool Panel

JavaScript: Loop through Array (using forEach)

JavaScript: Parse a String to a Date

JavaScript: Format Date to String

JavaScript: How to Convert Map to an Array of Objects

Check if element exists using JavaScript or jQuery

How to Remove a Specific Item from an Array in JavaScript

jQuery: How do I check if an element is hidden?

JavaScript: AG-Grid + ASP.NET MVC Infinite Row Model DataSource with Entity Framework

My Fitness Journey Challenges and Successes and Tony Horton as my Personal Trainer

JavaScript Fundamentals: Variables, Arrays, and Loops

Top Terraform and Azure Articles on Build5Nines in 2022 (plus year in review)

What is ChatGPT and is it important?

My Workflow for Build5Nines Weekly Newsletter Generation

Always Focus on What Matters

My Work Authoring Microsoft Cloud Workshops

Google Ranks Active Blogs Higher is Search Results

JavaScript: Remove Specific Items from Array

Build a Successful Blog for your Consulting Business

Learning Terraform on Microsoft Azure

Care for Yourself First

Find Your Self Worth Internally

Finding Myself Again

On Finding a Business Partner

Loop through JavaScript Arrays using for, forEach, and map functions

JavaScript: Convert String to Number

Encryption and Code are Greater Than Guns and Bombs

macOS: Monitor CPU Usage and Frequency Info

Basics of JavaScript Class Inheritance

The Technology is NOT Important

Call Functions in JavaScript

Top 13 Blogging Tips for a Successful Website

Chris Pietschmann Awarded 2019 Microsoft MVP Award

Chris Pietschmann Awarded 2018 Microsoft MVP Award

Awarded 2017 Microsoft MVP - Azure

Software is Written FOR PEOPLE

Imposter Syndrome is Fake

Study Guide for 70-480 Programming HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 Certification Exam

On Being an Expert

My Top 11 Business Tips

Image Editing Tools: Here's what I use

Announcing New BuildHoloLens.com Blog!

Why Companies Should Contribute to Open Source

Milwaukee Azure Bootcamp - Apr 16, 2016

Follow You Own Path, Dreams and Passion

Never Give Up

Raspberry Pi 3 released, faster CPU, integrated Wifi

Software is like Automobiles and has a lot to learn

Find Your Passion

Failure is the cost of Wisdom

TDD: Testable is most important

Be True to Yourself, First

Life Rules

Do your best and Own it

Beachbody On Demand - Netflix of Exercise

Code Tip: Simpler Performance Timer Logging in C#

JavaScript Tips: Parse QueryString to Dictionary

jQuery Basics: Is Element Hidden or Visible?

JavaScript Basics: String Contains Function

JavaScript Basics: Url / Page Navigation via document.location

JavaScript Basics: How to create a Dictionary with Key/Value pairs

Tools Don't Make You Great

Peek Inside Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta

Announcing new Azure blog: BuildAzure.com

Why I got the MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect Certification

How I passed the 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions certification exam

First 10 Minutes with Raspberry Pi and Windows 10 for IoT

CSS-only Animated Loading Spinner

jsQuizEngine - lightweight javascript quiz engine

5 Common C# tasks in Apple Swift Programming Language

Community Engagement: Who do you follow? What do you share?

CQRS: Command Query Responsibility Segregation Design Pattern

Basic Comparison of Functions in C# and Apple Swift Programming Language

Basic Comparison of C# and Apple Swift Programming Language Syntax

Public Domain or at least Open Source Licensing Eventually

There is no product unless you first ship it!

Programming is the Reading and Writing of the Future

Overnight Success is Hardly Overnight

Failure Is Greater Success Than Success.

You are responsible for YOU

Psychology of Software and its Users

Urgency is not Panic, unless you let it be

Execution is Most Important to be Successful

Automation is Essential

An Hour Saved is an Hour Earned

Comfort is Overrated. Change is Exciting and Revealing!

Stop. Relax. Now, GO!

Work Smart, Not Hard

The Follow Or Lead Delimma of Sheep and Wolves

Do Trust and Faith belong in Software Development? Not Really!

‘SQL Query’ Micro Design Pattern

Peeking inside the Twitter Windows 8 App

What “var” really means in C# – It’s not “variant”

Windows 8 App: Simple Weight Log–My first Windows Store App

SQL Azure: Calculate Database Usage Percentage of Max Size

All Information Workers are NOT Equal or Even Approximate!

Office 365 + Microsoft Account + Password Expiration = FAIL!

Using MiniProfiler with SqlDataSource ASP.NET WebForms Control

Mocking HttpRequestBase.ServerVariables using Moq

jHash v2.0 Released: Now with Routing Support!

Design Patterns: Basics of Dependency Injection

Awarded 2012 Microsoft MVP - Bing Maps

SQLinq: Use LINQ to generate Ad-Hoc, strongly typed SQL queries

Unit Testing with SqlException in .NET: Only with help from Reflection

IronJSMVC: Script ASP.NET MVC in JavaScript using IronJS

CanvasMap Prototype = HTML5 Canvas + Mapping

2012 Bing Maps Feature Wish List

ASP.NET MVC Themes: 3 different theming methods

SQL Azure: REBUILD All Indexes in Database – Alternative to DBCC DBREINDEX

JavaScript: window.onbeforeunload Event - Show “Are you sure you want to leave this page?” Message

Tag Editor Field using jQuery similar to StackOverflow

Entity Framework Tips and Tricks: Use GetObjectByKey When Querying a Single Entity

Mixing some Dynamic-ness with IronJS in .NET 4

Bing Maps v7 Ajax Hacks: InfoBox Description containing Html tags

Bing Maps v7 Ajax Hacks: Pushpin Tooltips via Html Title Attribute

Bing Maps JavaScript Intellisense Helper Now Available as Nuget Package

Awarded 2011 Microsoft MVP–Windows Live Platform

Deeper in .NET 2011 in Review with Pictures

New “Earthquakes in Last 7 Days” Bing Map App

Step By Step: Bing Maps Silverlight and an Out Of Browser (OOB) Application

Geomap Project - HTML Extensions for Rendering Map Displays

MvcXaml - Images from XAML within ASP.NET MVC Application

Technology to Watch in 2011 and Beyond

Odd .NET Namespace Scoping Causes Compile-Time Exception

4 Reasons Why Virtual Router is Superior to Connectify

Bing Maps Ajax 7: Add a Simple Mini Map

Bing Maps Ajax 7: Add Custom Navigation Bar Buttons using jQuery

Bing Maps Ajax 7: Simple Pushpin Animation via Extension to Microsoft.Maps

Bing Maps Ajax 7: Adding InfoBox Support via Extension to Microsoft.Maps

jHash: Easily Manage Browser History / window.location.hash

HTML5 Day 6: New Range Input Type

HTML5 Day 5: New Date Input Type

HTML5 Day 4: Add Drop Down Menu to ASP.NET MVC HTML5 Template using CSS and jQuery

HTML5 Day 3: Detecting HTML5 Support via JavaScript

HTML5 Day 2: Upgrade ASP.NET MVC 2 Site Template to HTML5

HTML5 Day 1: New tags work in older browsers? Awesome!

Silverlight: Modify MEF to load plugins from DLL and XAP files

Silverlight: Embed IronRuby within XAML Part 2

Silverlight: Embed IronRuby/DLR Scripting within XAML using IValueConverter and Custom UserControl

Intro to IronRuby/DLR Scripting in C# Silverlight 4 Application

The Future of Location: You Haven't Seen Nothing Yet!

Use New Bing Maps Road Imagery In Silverlight Map Control (Unofficially and Unsupported)

Loading Microsoft CDN Hosted OpenStreetMap Imagery in Silverlight Bing Maps Control

Microsoft BizSpark: My new startup is enrolled, but was denied twice before this blog post

Silverlight Bing Maps: Draw Circle Around a Latitude/Longitude Location

Display Google Maps Imagery using Bing Maps Silverlight Control

Resizing and Auto-Scaling Pushpin in Bing Maps Silverlight

Draggable Pushpins using Bing Maps Silverlight Control

Free Geographic / Geo-Spatial Data Sources Link List

Awarded 2010 Microsoft MVP - Windows Live Platform

Software Basics: What are Databases and Data Access Layers, and How do they relate to Web Services?

Bing Maps JS: Calculate Area of Circle and Draw Circle on Map

Prototype of OpenStreetMap Silverlight Control using DeepEarth and Bing Maps SDK

Display OpenStreetMap Imagery using Bing Maps Silverlight Control v1

Getting Started with Bing Maps Silverlight Control v1.0

Virtual Router Project – Turn any Windows 7 PC into a Wireless Access Point / Hot Spot

Resolve IP Address And Host Name From MAC Address using C# and Windows ARP Utility

.NET Windows Service Installer and Auto Start After Installation

MvcMaps Preview 1 – A Unified Bing/Google Maps API for ASP.NET MVC

Easily Convert Between HTML and RGB Colors using JavaScript

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Setup Contains a Weird Blue Mac-Style Button!

2009 Reading Goal Is On Track

Simplovation Web.Maps.VE v3.0 Now With FREE Edition!

Microsoft Killed the Virtual Earth ASP.NET Control

jHtmlArea – Adding Custom Toolbar Buttons

C#: Using IProgressDialog to show a “native” Progress Dialog from .NET in Windows

A Simple ScriptManager for ASP.NET MVC

Windows 7 RTM is on MSDN & TechNet – Here’s the AKAMAI links!

Bing Maps Silverlight CTP: Plot/Edit Pushpin data via a ChildWindow

OpenStreetMap: Get FREE Web Mapping with Road Maps for your Applications

JavaScript: Easily 'Extend' an Object/Element

jHtmlArea 0.6.0 Update with Improved Functionality

jHtmlArea - The all NEW HTML WYSIWYG Editor for jQuery

Adding a DotNetKicks Image/Badge via jQuery

Creating Ruby-like 'Extensions' in JavaScript

What's the Minimum Hosting Cost for Windows Azure?

Managed JScript on the DLR from Microsoft is DEAD!! WHY?!??

Building JavaScript / HTML based Applications using Adobe Air for FREE

Bing Maps for Enterprise (formerly Virtual Earth) Licensing FAQ

Bing Maps Shapes (VEShape) to WKT (Well-Known-Text) and Back using JavaScript

Awarded 2009 Microsoft MVP - Windows Live Platform

Prototype of VEToolkit + ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Component Checked In

ASP.NET MVC: Implement Theme Folders using a Custom ViewEngine

Bing Maps Silverlight CTP: Using MouseClick Event To Add 'Pushpins'

Bing Maps for Enterprise Developer Resources

MIX'09: Virtual Earth Silverlight CTP Session Online for Viewing

Bing Maps Silverlight CTP: Overlay OpenStreetMap, OpenAerialMap and Yahoo Map Imagery using Custom Tile Layers!

Bing Maps Silverlight CTP: Using Tile Layers to Overlay Custom Map Imagery

Bing Maps Silverlight CTP: Adding Media (Images, Video, etc.) to the Map

CTP: Bing Maps Silverlight CTP: Basics of Adding Polygons and Polylines using XAML and Code

CTP: Getting Started with Bing Maps Silverlight CTP Map Control SDK

Virtual Earth Silverlight Control CTP Teaser and Some Initial Thoughts

Windows 7 Beta: Change the Logon UI Background Image

Bing Maps: Modify the Opacity of an Existing Custom Tile Layer

Cheap PC 2009 - Custom Built PC under $500 that includes Windows Vista Home Premium

.NET Framework: Communicate through NAT Router via UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)

Using LINQ to SQL with SQL Server Compact Edition

C#: Flash Window in Taskbar via Win32 FlashWindowEx

VEToolkit - Virtual Earth Toolkit v6.2.012509.1053 Released!

Windows 7 Beta Has Good and Bad Points - A Short Review

SQL Compact And The 'Unable to load DLL 'sqlceme35.dll'' Runtime Exception

Single Instance WPF Application in .NET 3.x

Intel Core i7 920 - Initial Thoughts, Overclocking and Windows Vista

ASP.NET AJAX: Create a JavaScript Component with Events

JavaScript: Mixing OOP and Event Driven Programming

Implementing Namespaces in Ruby using Nested Modules

A Free Open Source Ribbon Control for Windows Forms!

A Couple VB.NET Language Tips for C# Developers

I Still Believe in Programming Language Independence

You Can Watch PDC'08 Sessions Online!

WPF Toolkit adds Ribbon Control to .NET 3.5 SP1

Is this necessary?- Chris Pietschmann, MVP, MCSD, MCAD, MCP

VEToolkit: Virtual Earth Toolkit Open Source Project

And, the Community Coding Contest Winners Are...

JavaScript: Null Coalesce using the || Operator

Silverlight: Client-Side Database via LINQ and Isolated Storage

Place a StackOverflow badge on your website

Community Coding Contest Voting Has Begun! Go Cast Your Vote!

JavaScript Prototypal Inheritence Explained in Simple Terms

Less Than 36 Hours Left to Enter the Community Coding Contest!

Virtual Earth 6.2 (Bing Maps) JavaScript Intellisense Helper Released

Silverlight Isolated Storage File/Directory Location

Windows vNext (Windows 7?) Feature Ideas

Custom Themes in ASP.NET MVC Updated for Preview 5

.NET 3.5 SP1: DataContractJsonSerializer Bug

CouchDB on FLOSS Weekly Episode 36 - distributed, document-oriented, RESTful database

How To Setup Custom Theme Support In ASP.NET MVC Preview 4 using a Custom ViewEngine

How To Use ASP.NET MVC in Website rather than Web Application Project

SQL 2008 RTM Released, and includes .NET 3.5 SP1

Write code, Win FREE MSDN Subscription!

C#: Generate WebPage Thumbmail Screenshot Image

dotNetExt - .NET Extension Method Library - v0.1 Beta Released

C#: Enhance Enums using Extension Methods

Bing Maps: Polygon Search - Is Point Within Polygon?

Community Coding Contest Website Launched!

Community Coding Contest to start July 1st - Chance to Win MSDN Premium Subscription with VS'08 Team Suite, plus more

ASP.NET: Fix for WebParts + UrlRewriting/UrlMapping Issue

Plot ZipCode Boundaries on a Map: Part 2 - Import Zip Code (U.S. Census ZCTA) Data Into A Database

Plot ZipCode Boundaries on a Map: Part 1 - Making sense of U.S. Census ZCTA ARC/INFO Ungenerate (ASCII) files

Silverlight and JavaScript Interop Basics

Virtual Earth Staging Environment Launched

Web.Maps.VE 2.0 Released - ASP.NET Virtual Earth Mapping Server Control

Bing Maps ASP.NET: Web.Maps.VE v1.0 Update, v2.0 Coming Soon

Software Development Meme - How I got started programming

Virtual Earth: Get Center Lat/Long When In Birdseye or Oblique Map Style

ASP.NET 3.5: Create AJAX Extender Controls using the ExtenderControl base class

Mount ISO Images in Vista x64

My Virtual Earth Interview on The Thirsty Developer podcast

DNR: Building Communities at Dallas TechFest

Silverlight: Load JavaScript from Embedded Resource and Execute Within Page

Virtual Earth + ASP.NET AJAX Now Fixed in Safari

Hyper-V Compatibility Check Tool for AMD Processors

.NET 3.5 SP1: A Service Pack or The Real .NET 3.5

ASP.NET: Create AJAX Server Controls using the ScriptControl base class

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V RC0 and Athlon 64 X2 4200+

Virtual Earth: Restrict Map to Specified Viewable Area

Virtualization on the Desktop: VirtualPC 2007 and Hyper-V

Virtual Earth Resources

Virtual Earth: Center Map to Shape during OnClick Event

Deeper in .NET 2008 is less than 15 hours away!

Some ASP.NET AJAX Tips and Tricks

I am now a Virtual Earth MVP!

Add System Menu Items to WPF Window using Win32 API

.NET Community: Learn The Current State Of The Platform Before Deciding On Its Future

LinkedIn Group for the Wisconsin .NET Users Group

PasswordTextBox for Silverlight 2 Beta 2

Working with HTML DOM in Silverlight 2 Beta 1 using the Bridge Pattern

Show a MessageBox in Silverlight 2 Beta 1

MIX'08 Session Recordings Now Available Online

Opening Client-Side Files using Silverlight

Silverlight: Anatomy of an .XAP file

Add System Menu Items to a Form using Windows API

Simple JavaScript Object Reflection API (.NET Style)

JavaScript ForEach Equivalent

.NET 3.5: JSON Serialization using the DataContractJsonSerializer

.NET: Why aren't Private Abstract methods allowed?

JavaScript Function Tips and Tricks

The Purina Diet {Joke}

Search Keyword Highlighter BlogEngine.NET v1.3 Extension

Bing Maps: Draw a Circle Radius Around a Lat/Long Point

Virtual Earth Plus ASP.NET AJAX Breaks In Safari!

Virtual Earth v2 Being Depricated March 31st

Virtual Earth: Calculate Distance of User-Drawn Polyline

Calculate Distance Between Geocodes in C# and JavaScript

LINQ to JavaScript Interactive SDK Now Available!

LINQ to JavaScript: Update Release v1.01 With More Functionality

LINQ to JavaScript (JSLINQ) Open Source Project Launched!

Virtual Earth: Dynamically Load InfoBox Using ASP.NET AJAX

Getting Started with Virtual Earth and ASP.NET AJAX

Introduction to LINQ

QBasic was my First Programming Language

JavaScript int.TryParse Equivalent

Web.Maps.VE - Virtual Earth Without JavaScript, plus .NET 3.5 Support just added!

Virtual Earth 6: Align Mini Map in the Top Right corner of the Map

Virtual Earth: Convert Road Map Style to Shaded Like maps.live.com does

Virtual Earth: SSL Support

Virtual Earth: Getting Started - Adding a basic Map to a page

Google Charts API: an ASP.NET 2.0 Server Control

Cryptographic Extensions for Microsoft AJAX Extensions Framework

Not All Software Developers Need To Be Graphic Designers

Subsite Rewriting HttpModule for ASP.NET

Software Development = Logical Creativity

ASP.NET 2.0: RewritePath breaks HyperLink's ImageUrl in App_Theme file when path with slash is rewritten

Real Estate - The Search That Should Be.

Virtual Earth 6 Bug: ShowSwitch parameter of LoadMap method no longer works

Virtual Earth 6 Bug: Zoom buttons in wrong place with multiple maps on the same page

Official Release of Simplovation and Web.Maps.VE!

Patterns: Fluent Interface - make your code easier to read

JavaScript: Add Search Engine Keyword Highlight Support to your site with ease

Self Employed and time for contract work

ASP.NET AJAX: Extensions to standard JavaScript base types

LunchTimeCoder.ServiceMonitor v1.1 Released

LunchTimeCoder: Windows Service Monitor that runs in the System Tray

LunchTimeCoder.AutoSlideShow v1.05 - some small enhancements

Creating an IDE? Use the Visual Studio 2008 shell as your base.

Creating Namespaces in JavaScript is actually rather simple...

LunchTimeCoder Day 2: Moleskine and not much code

LunchTimeCoder Day 1: AutoSlideShow - JavaScript Automatic SlideShow Class

Announcing the LunchTimerCoder.com Initiative

Things I learned about Software WHILE NOT in College

Add iPhone style flicking support using JavaScript

.NET 3.5: How to Convert from one TimeZone to another

ASP.NET AJAX: Use 'custom' objects as Extender Control Properties

Learn ASP.NET Provider Model By Example via BlogEngine.NET

Make your RSS feeds Auto-Discoverable

Why not make ASP.NET Web Matrix shared source?

C#: Give your object a Default Indexer Property

PietschSoft.VE v2.0.1 Released

C#/VB.NET: Extension Methods

PietschSoft.VE v2.0.0 Alpha - ASP.NET AJAX Virtual Earth Mapping Control

JavaScript/AJAX Example 1 - Load File Asynchronously and Display within TextArea

Cheap PC - Build a Vista Premium Ready system for under $500 including the OS

Setting Up Ubuntu with virtualization on Vista x64

ASP.NET: Add Template Support to your User Controls

Building a 'successful' blog...

ASP.NET: Extend BoundField Control - Add MultiLine support

VirtualPathProvider: Store .ASPX and .HTM files for your application in xml file or database

PietschSoft.VE3 v0.05 Released

PietschSoft.VE3 is now on CodePlex

PietschSoft.VE3 v0.03 plus Demo site!

CSS + DIV = Scrollable area for site content

Apple's iCal implemented in .NET/Mono

New Web Service that exposes MSDN content for your consuming needs!

Vista Beta 2: Not my Primary OS anymore

IIS7: Better Url Mapping support, well not yet...

VB.NET: RegEx Syntax Highlighting RichTextBox

Windows Vista Beta 2: installed on my primary machine

C# .NET: Convert System.Drawing.Color to HTML color

ASP.NET 2.0: v0.02 of my Virtual Earth v3 Ajax Server Control

ASP.NET Atlas is full of JavaScript goodness

Scrape Geocodes from Google Maps w/ C#

ASP.NET 2.0: Virtual Earth v3 Ajax Server Control - PietschSoft.VE3 v0.01

ASP.NET 2.0: Place JavaScript inside the Page.Header

JavaScript: Loop through all elements in a form

What I've been up to lately: JavaScript, AJAX, Virtual Earth and WebParts

I met Scott Hanselman the night before Deeper in .NET 2006

ASP.NET 2.0: It's extremely easy to add Ajax support using 'Atlas'

ASP.NET: Registration of Controls in Web.Config

ASP.NET: Maintain Scroll Position On Postback

ASP.NET: The secret App_Offline.htm file

ASP.NET 2.0: 'Atlas' now has a Go-Live license

ASP.NET: Use VB.NET and C# within the App_Code folder

The My namespace in Visual Basic 2005 is extensible!

T-SQL: Parse a delimited string

ASP.NET Development Server: Run application on Root

ASP.NET: How to get a specific ConnectionString from the Web.Config by name

ASP.NET Client Callbacks inside a User Control

T-SQL: Join Tables by a Field that contains a delimited string

.NET Framework - Check if Windows booted in Normal or Safe Mode

ASP.NET 2.0: URL Mapping with RegEx Support

Configure Visual Studio 2005 for 'Classic' ASP syntax highlighting and intellisense

Use ASP.NET Web Parts and Membership stuff with SQL Server 2000

URL Mapping for ASP.NET 1.1

ASP.NET 2.0: Rewriting URL Paths just got a whole lot easier

Boolean Expression in .NET: strName IN ('CHRIS','TOM','TYLER')

VB.NET: Syntax Highlighting in a RichTextBox control

My introduction to computers and programming...

I passed the 70-305 exam on Friday!!

Windows Longhorn Glass Look DHTML

VB.NET: Make a Form semi-transparent when moving and resizing it

SQL Script: Search all tables for a specific field

Color the background of items in a Dropdown box in your HTML pages.

Is Planning and Testing really that important in Software Development???

VB.NET 2005's 'My' namespace for Mono

How do you call a Console application from ASP.NET and get the results??

Write to the Event Log in .NET (VB.NET and C#.NET)

.NET: Why do we need to handle the RowUpdated event of our DataAdapter in order to reflect the ID in a Primary/Foriegn key relationship??

.NET: Fill DataSet with multiple Tables and update them with DataAdapter

JavaScript: How to get value from nested form in iframe?

Windows System Properties - Add Custom Manufacturer Properties

How to Create a Screen Saver in Visual Basic 6

Measuring the Performance of troubled code in your VB6 Application

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