On March 8th, The Visual Studio .NET 2002 Service Pack 1 was released.

List of fixes in the Service Pack:

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

  • 306905 Visual IDE does not open when started or application cannot start error message
  • 319997 FIX: Visual Studio .NET breaks Visual SourceSafe integration behavior
  • 323302 Inert virus found in Korean language version of Visual Studio .NET
  • 326714 Access violation in Msenv file notification when you build from the command prompt
  • 814483 FIX: A memory leak occurs in the VisualBasic.VsaEngine when creating multiple assemblies
  • 816498 FIX: The Visual Studio .NET 2002 Macro IDE crashes after you apply certain ASP.NET fixes
  • 821309 FIX: You receive the "Duplicate declaration of member 'location'" error message in Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 831210 FIX: Cannot create Web projects on Windows Server 2003

Microsoft ASP.NET and Web Forms

  • 820769 FIX: Code in the InitializeComponent function is deleted when you change the EnableViewState property value of a page
  • 833552 FIX: The Copy Project feature in Visual Studio .NET 2002 fails when you copy to a share when the trailing virtual root path does not match the virtual root alias
  • 836454 FIX: You cannot check for updates in Visual Studio .NET

Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

  • 319976 Visual Basic .NET compiler error when you use a response file that references many assemblies
  • 319997 FIX: Visual Studio .NET breaks Visual SourceSafe integration behavior
  • 324199 FIX: Data loss when you switch view in Web Form designer
  • 325790 FIX: Providers fail when Visual Studio Database Designer Wizard puts brackets around the table name
  • 326972 FIX: Dependent assemblies of referenced assemblies are copied when CopyLocal=False
  • 332180 FIX: You receive a "can't analyze" error message when you generate objects if a field name contains Japanese double-byte symbol characters in Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 812808 FIX: When you examine the CanOverride property of a sub procedure, the property returns an incorrect value in Visual Studio .NET
  • 841698 BUG: You may receive a "Microsoft Development Environment has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message when you try to exit Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 814753 FIX: A build solution that has a large solution may cause the build process to stop responding
  • 820666 FIX: The Visual Basic .NET Upgrade Wizard stops responding when you try to upgrade Visual Basic 6.0 projects
  • 823699 You receive a "Buffer overrun" error message, and ASP.NET programs stop responding when you try to browse an ASP.NET Web page
  • 829803 FIX: Visual Studio .NET quits unexpectedly when you build a large Visual Basic .NET solution that includes many classes

Microsoft Visual C# .NET

  • 321435 FIX: Access violation at end of compile when using devenv /build to build a C# project
  • 326098 FIX: Windows Forms application does not start when you debug
  • 331684 FIX: Debugger performance problem using unresolved break points
  • 810851 FIX: Incorrect members of a class appear in the IntelliSense window in Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 812471 FIX: The IDE stops responding when you type comment delimiters in C# code in Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 816065 FIX: IntelliSense may not list members with complex signatures
  • 824415 FIX: Active script host crashes in Pdm.dll when multiple threads execute the same scripts
  • 824650 FIX: Active script host quits unexpectedly in Pdm.dll
  • 834907 FIX: The Visual Studio .NET 2002 IDE crashes when a double array property of a user control is set to a very small value or to a very large value

Microsoft Visual C++ .NET

  • 306083 FIX: Visual C++ compiler optimizer may remove loops
  • 316429 FIX: Visual C++ .NET may fail when it loads a .dsp file
  • 318139 Incorrect global value initialization if you use precompiled header
  • 319660 COleVariant constructor does not correctly initialize its members
  • 319945 Visual Studio .NET IDE hangs or disappears when you view C/C++ project
  • 321274 Visual C++ 6.0 to Visual C++ .NET conversion problems
  • 322194 FIX: Visual C++ Designer does not call IPerpropertyBrowsing::GetPredefinedStrings to update Properties window
  • 322621 CArchiveException when you deserialize classes in an MFC application
  • 322909 FIX: DLL that uses ATL CImage class may cause a deadlock in a process
  • 323465 "Fatal error C1001" error message in Msc1.cpp line 2844 when you use explicit specialization
  • 323494 Access violation when you type mnemonic on property page with ActiveX control
  • 323918 C2385 error message when you use C++ compiler
  • 324011 E_FAIL when you try to use CSoapWininetClient or CSoapMSXMLInetClient to call Web services
  • 324153 Error PRJ0016 when you build a Visual C++ .NET project
  • 324487 "Directory does not have write permissions" error message when you add files to the remote root
  • 325014 Visual Studio .NET MFC applications may not run on Windows NT 4.0
  • 325047 FIX: Resources are not released after you delete an ActiveX control from a Visual C++ .NET MFC form in Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 325773 Project configurations are copied incorrectly with VCConfiguration.CopyTo method
  • 325809 FIX: The code in a FOR loop under a destructor does not run correctly in a Visual C++ .NET application that was created in Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 326459 COleDateTime comparison asserts or returns incorrect value
  • 326813 Unexpected LNK2020 unresolved token error during build
  • 328951 FIX: MFC automation method truncates 64-bit return types
  • 329066 FIX: IsKindOf fails when you compare CDaoException classes
  • 329076 FIX: Changes in the Properties window of an ActiveX control are not persisted
  • 329193 FIX: /Og causes code to be created that throws an exception error
  • 329593 FIX: "Fatal error LNK1105" error message when you incrementally link large projects
  • 330208 FIX: Applications that are statically linked to MFC do not run on Windows NT 4.0 SP5 and earlier
  • 330422 FIX: Cannot unregister an unregistered attributed ATL component
  • 331014 FIX: The Standard C++ Library function wcsxfrm returns an incorrect value if you develop the application in Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 331992 FIX: Manual edit of Resource.h file causes redefinition errors on Help IDs
  • 810141 FIX: Document does not appear correctly in Print Preview view
  • 810448 FIX: CString functions Right, Left, and Mid may cause access violation
  • 810449 FIX: TCHAR size is not handled correctly in MFC Dbcore.cpp
  • 811515 FIX: Visual C++ .NET menu editor changes IDs to numeric values
  • 811659 FIX: Events do not appear in the Properties window of Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 813488 FIX: The bool type does not marshal correctly from unmanaged code to managed code
  • 813647 FIX: COleDateTime::SetDate no longer returns an "Invalid" status on an incorrect date in Visual C++ .NET
  • 813957 FIX: Visual C++ class destructors are not called in reverse order of construction
  • 814034 FIX: Nmake /k returns success in a failure condition when you have targets in multiple description blocks in Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 816046 FIX: Debugger stops responding or quits unexpectedly when you step into functions
  • 817286 When you rebuild a project that contains libraries that depend on other libraries, you experience performance problems in Visual Studio .NET 2002
  • 822677 FIX: Turning on optimization generates incorrect code
  • 826326 FIX: LNK1000 error message when you use the incremental linking feature of Link.exe
  • 830647 FIX: The UP ARROW key does not work correctly when you use an ActiveX control together with grouped radio buttons in an MFC form view
  • 834740 FIX: You may receive an access violation error message when you use ios-derived types

More Information about the service pack:

Download VS.NET 2002 SP1 here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=c41d8159-b42f-4d06-a797-e510494976ee&displaylang=en