In March 2005, Hitachi demonstrated their perpendicular recording technology. This method of storing data on hard drives allows for an awesome amount of data in a small space. Hitachi demonstrated a storage density of 230 gigabits per square inch. Hitachi expects to see products ship at 230 gigabits per square inch in 2007. With this they’ll be able to store 20 Gigabytes instead of 6 Gigabytes on the one-inch Micro-drives, and up to one terabyte on the 3.5inch hard drives.Yeah I know I’m thinking it too, Why not now?? I want one.

As you can see in the picture to the right, the perpendicular storage method of bits on the disk really allows for more of them to be crammed in the same amount of surface area. The disk has to be a little thicker, as you can see in the picture.

Well click the link below for more information on Hitachi’s new Perpendicular Recording technology. Oh, yeah, don’t forget to watch the “Get Perpendicular“ animation. It has dancing bits that are singing to the music. It kind of reminds me of that cartoon video in Jurassic Park that describes how they were able to bring back dinosaurs from their DNA.

Go disco bits, it’s your birthday! You gotta get perpendicular!“