For those who don’t know, has all the Visual Studio “Whidbey” 2005 documentation. It’s not fully complete because they are still building up the library, but it is still quite extensive.

I found this blog post by Tim Ewald (, outlining some of the major improvements they are making with the new version of the MSDN web site. They are basically making it so we wont have so many darn broken links when we link to MSDN articles on our blogs or other sites. (I’m sure your familiar with the oddity that is broken links to the MSDN)

Apparently MSDN2 has been up on the web since September 2004; but I just found out about it from Jacob Cynamon at the Visual Studio 2005 Developers Conference in Chicago this May.

I can’t wait for <a title=”Visual Studio .NET “Whidbey” 2005” href=”” target=”_blank”>Whidbey</a> to ship, but at least I have Beta 2 to play with. I’m just lovin’ this stuff!