Most of the problems I’ve experienced with Win9x and Win2K/XP with “blue screens” have been caused by problems with device drivers. These were all device drivers that Microsoft didn’t write. Yes, they were third party device drivers, but should I blame Microsoft? I think my analogy of nails on the road (stated above) somes this up perfectly.

People are always quick to talk smack about the one on top, but they almost never do their homework to find the facts to back themselves up. This is the reason I don’t read SlashDot very often, almost none of the posts on SlashDot that I’ve read were posted by people that knew enough about computers/software an how they work to have any validity to what they say. I think SlashDot is just a bunch of 12 or 13 year olds talking about things that they don’t know much about, but they feel cool just cause they are talking about them.

I just feel like slapping those people “pimp style” (you know baby powder and all) and yelling “Stop being so ingnorant!” (and possibly some vulgarities that come to mind in the heat of the moment).