Larry Clarkin presented at tonight’s WI .NET Users Group meeting on the topic of “Overview of Web 2.0”. He provided a very good description of what really is “Web 2.0”; and he had a whole 5 days to prepare. The reason he had only 5 days to prepare is because the presenter that was scheduled for tonight couldn’t present. Well done Larry

You can view the presentation notes here:

One of the items discussed was Google, Yahoo and MS Virtual Earth mapping. If you are interested in implementing mapping within your ASP.NET applications then you should check out my Open Source ASP.NET Virtual Earth mapping control. PietschSoft.VE:

On a related note, there was a disruptive and rude user group member in attendance tonight. I would like to apologize to all in attendance for the disruption, and I thank Larry, Scott, Gerry and anyone else involved in handling the situation. If the meeting tonight was your first; I must assure you that this is not a normal occurrence. I am actually a little embarrassed that a fellow community member would be disrespectful of a presenter and be so disruptive

The next meeting won’t be until January; there is no meeting in December because of the holidays. Also, there will be a new venue (to be determined) for future meetings; see the site for updates on where they will be.