And, thanks to the MSDN Subscription I won at the Deeper in .NET event, I am lucky enough to get Windows Vista for Free. Yippee!!

As you probably know there is only one installation DVD to install all editions of Vista. Finally, only one disc to keep track of. But there are however seperate discs for both x86 and x64 editions. Both of which are up on MSDN right now.

Also on MSDN are the product keys for Visa Business, Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate. When I requested the product keys, it granted me a key for the Business, Home Basic and Home Premium editions, but it gave me an error trying to grant me a key for Ultimate. An error on MSDN? Yeah, well I guess that’s what happens when everyone in the world (at least with an MSDN subscription) is requesting the same key to be generated for them. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the Ultimate key soon.

Oh and this reminds me, thanks for such an awesome prize! I know it’s been how many months since I won it, but every time I install something from my MSDN subscription I get reminded of how awesome of a prize this was.

I have a brand new Athlon 64 X2 system that’s waiting for Vista. It handles Vista Beta 2 (I don’t have a disc with RC2 on it) great, so I can’t wait to see how the RTM handles. I’ll post an update on how the installation goes as soon as I get to installing it.