The Apple iPhone has been confirmed. I wasn’t anticipating much for this thing, but it sure looks sweet. There are no keys, you just touch the screen. There seems to be alot of posibilities with this. The iPhone also runs Mac OS X.

Here are some links to images of the iPhone:

I wonder what kind of development tools/options they will have available for the iPhone. Since it isn’t from Microsoft, it wont have the .NET Compact Framework; which is too bad since .NET is so awesome. But, I’m sure Mono will run on it since it runs Mac OS X.

Lets step back and think about this product; is it truly innovative? umm…. No it is not! The iPhone is rather similar to a MS Windows Mobile Phone with the exception of the large touch screen with no hard keys. Really, when you get down to it they are both just mobile phones with PC functionality that can fit in your pocket.

This thing certainly intrigues me, but I don’t believe I’ll be purchasing one anytime soon. Besides it only works with Cingular and my cell provider is US Cellular.