Move Inc. has just hired Lorna Borenstein to be the new President of Move Inc.

How does this relate to Google?

Lorna Borenstein is married to David Lawee (Vice President, Marketing at Google).

Even though Lorna Borenstein has a large list of really impressive qualifications (and am in no way trying to belittle that, I do find them quite impressive), I can’t help but speculate that the Move Inc. Board of Directors may have took the fact of who she’s married to into consideration when deciding to hire her.

Move Inc. has been making changes over the last year and are continuing to make changes to revitalize the company, and I am wondering what new “ties” (completely speculating) to Google this new hire may bring for Move Inc.

I base this on the fact that I know I can’t keep my work completely secret from my spouse, and I’m sure they are no different.

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