Is PietschSoft.VE Dead?

I've had a couple people ask me lately if the PietschSoft.VE project is dead since there hasn't been a release in about 2 months. The answer is: No, it isn't dead, I just haven't had alot of time the last few weeks to work on it.


I am actually still working on adding full Ajax support, using UpdatePanels as the enablers. It is turning out to be pretty cool.

Virtual Earth v5

Also, since Microsoft recently released Virtual Earth v5, I have my work cut out rewriting the pushpin, polygon and polyline code to use the new Shape layers.

So, don't worry, the project is very much still alive.

Update 11/7/2007: There is a new version of PietschSoft.VE, and it has been renamed to Web.Maps.VE! Web.Maps.VE has a much richer Ajax feature set than PietschSoft.VE. It is located here: