I’ve had Google Analytics set up on my site since the middle of January so I can get an idea on what content gets the most traffic. The goal has been satisfied; I know which pages get the most hits. Now, if there were a way to integrate it within my RSS feed… but that is another topic to discuss elsewhere.

I was looking at some of my referral keywords from search engines, and I thought I’d share some of them. I was actually a little surprise that some of my posts ranked as high as they did with some of these keywords.

TOP 10 Keywords:
web messenger
vista ultimate key
vista ultimate product key
msn web messenger
msn webmessenger
vista ultimate cd key
asp.net 2.0 javascript

Keywords where I’m the First Result in the list:
sql parse
javascript loop document

Strange (this actually kind of scares me):
i love web messenger

Before the MSDN Article (it wasn’t my goal, but what can I do?):
vbscript error ‘800a03e9’

On First Page of Search Results:
wisconsin .net users group
easiest version of linux
build cheap media pc
app.config .net 1.1
asp.net multiline
.net nested forms
flash vista 64
virtual earth v5
virtual earth asp.net control
like ms paint
hex color C#
.net extension methods
indexer property c#
64 bit internet explorer
asp.net parse url
how to build a successful blog
belkin driver
vb.net regex
control dell laptop fan
.net syntax highlighting
vista dvd backup
asp.net boundfield
event log C#
asp.net javascript include
asp.net 2.0 javascript
virtualization x64

As you can see my site comes up alot when searching for both MSN Web Messenger and Vista Ultimate Product Keys. I would prefer some of my more technical content come up instead, but I guess there are lot of people searching those two things. I have even had alot of people email and comment asking me to send them my Vista CD Key; as if I’m going to share it.

Hopefully next time I look through my referral keywords I’ll find some more interesting and/or funny ones.