I just renewed my cell phone contract and was lucky enough to get a couple of the last Motorola v323i phones that the local stores had left. Apparently they are discontiuing this model, and US Cellular has them on sale (if you can find them) for $30 with a new contract.

This is the best phone for the price from what I’ve heard when researching what new phone to get. I’ve heard it compared to the MotoRAZR a few times; except of course it does have less features than the RAZR. For example the v323i doesn’t have video playback, but you can take pictures and listen to mp3’s. Also one of the benefits of the v323i over the RAZR is the fact that is uses less power due to the fact that it has a smaller internal screen and the outer screen is smaller and not color.

The reception on this phone is also excellent, compared to mine and my wifes old phones. My wife had an LG phone and the reception what very spotting at home and other places. I had a Motorola v626, and the only reason I replaced the phone is the fact that the battery is shot and would cost at least if not more than $30. Basically the v323i is a newer version of the v262; it even looks very similar.

Basically, if your looking to renew your contract with US Cellular and get a new phone, I’d deffinately recommend taking a look at the v323i. But, hurry up before US Cellular runs out of them, and it’s happening fast with the $30 price tag.

You can also get the v323i directly from Motorola for the retail price of $160. That’s lower than the retail price of $200 that US Cellular charges for them without a new contract or renewal. You can get 15% off your order at Motorola.com using the promo code **PASS_13013 **.