The October 2007 meeting of the Wisconsin .NET Users Group is falling on the third Tuesday this month. There has been some scheduling issues; mainly in regards to finding a meeting location. If you would like to host a meeting, please contact the group.

This months meeting (on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2007 at 7:00 PM) we will be having Brennan Stehling presenting on Code Generation, Software Factories and Visual Studio Extensibility. See the description of what will be covered below:

Productivity can be enhanced by automating as much of the routine coding that is necessary with every project. Much of the software we work with is boilerplate code that is often created manually. Tool improvements now allow us to skip all of this mindless typing. With a little work you can automatically generate the boilerplate code using features built into the .NET framework such as CodeDom and then integrate the code generation features with Visual Studio directly as a custom tool. For example, the code that makes DataSets and ASMX web services work is generated with standard custom tools included with Visual Studio. We will walk through the creation of a custom tool to generate code to support the composite pattern which will work with C# or VB projects. Then we will look into the advanced software factories created by the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team and the extensibility features provided by the Visual Studio SDK, such as creating a custom editor for file format used by the composite custom tool.

About Brennan Stehling Brennan Stehling is a senior .NET developer working in Milwaukee. He’s worked with .NET for several years, particularly with web applications. He develops reusable tools in C# and makes them available to developers at Brennan is also the author of “Pro SQL Server High Performance: High-speed ASP.NET Data Access” which will be published in October. You can find out more at his blog, ***.*

Go check out the Wisconsin .NET Users Group website for more information and to find out the location of the meeting. Remember, membership to the group is completely Free, and so is attendance to each meeting.