This months Wisconsin .NET Users Group meeting (and the last one of the year) is tommorow (Nov. 13th) night. This month Casey Chesnut will be presenting on “Augmented Reality with .NET”.

On a related note, Casey has an article titled “/wpfAugReal: Augmented Reality with Windows Presentation Foundation” that he posted back in the beginning of October. I don’t know any details of what he’ll be presenting (other than the below meeting description), but I’m assuming he’ll be covering some of the stuff in this article.

I’ve seem some of his presentations in the past and they are always very informative. He’s always very knowledgable in the area being presented. I encourage anyone that can make it to go check it out.

Here’s the full description of the meeting:

“Augmented Reality is a future technology being researched which combines real world data with computer generated (virtual) data. A recent example is the ‘Eye of Judgment’ turn-based card game for the Playstation 3, which uses a camera to recognize real world playing cards and animate the virtual battle on a TV screen. This presentation will look at creating an Augmented Reality (AR) application in .NET using DirectShow, WPF 3D, and ARToolKitPlus. We’ll look at how DirectShow is used to capture camera data, how AR Library is used to track real world markers, and how WPF 3D is used to render virtual objects.

**About casey chesnut **casey chesnut is an independent developer that specializes in .NET and ubiquitous computing. He has received the Microsoft MVP award in a number of different categories : Tablet PC, Compact Framework, Web Services, Media Center, and Office Communications Server (current). His blog and development articles which can be found on his website: *** “*

For more information about this meeting and future meetings, Click Here.

There is a definition of exactly what Augmented Reality is over at Wikipedia, just in case you’re wondering.