It was a great night, with a really great turn out. I’m not sure the exact number of attendees, but I think it must have been over 150! A few volunteers got up and gave some great demo presentations of new features in VS’08 and .NET 3.5. There was even a 360 setup with Halo 3 for people to play. Don’t forget about all the great prizes that were given away: a couple Zunes, an XBox 360 Premium, an XBox 360 Elite, and alot of other games and software.

Oh, and don’t forget about all the toys that were donated, and the 360 Elite was given at random to one of the people that donated a toy. There were actually a few that donated multiple toys.

Halo 3 being played during a presentation Look at all the toys that were donated! Look at all the laptops Another desktop, this time in the corner Larry Clarkin... Everyone sitting paying attention to the presentations

The above pictures are only a few of the 42 pictures I took last night. Go here, to view the full set of pictures I took at last nights WI .NET Users Group Holiday Party 2007 InstallFest!