I watched the MIX’08 Keynote online this morning, and here are some notes I took.

Notes from Ray Ozzies talk

Some investments will be realized this week:

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Silverlight 2

Advertising on the web is expected to grow from $40 billion to $80 billion over the next few years.

Social networking is growing and will become an integral part of the web just as familiar as Files and Folders are on the desktop.

Web will be used as a hub in using and managing all kinds of devices (Zune, SmartPhones, PCs).

Power of choice will be given to Business/Enterprises that will utilize virtualization to allow a better level of symmetry between software and services in the “cloud”.

We need to realize a fabric of services (loosely coupled) that range from applications in the cloud to standard desktop or server applications that can easily communicate. RSS and REST are being used in this new fabric that is forming.

Seamless, Rich Applications are being expected to be cross platform. XAML, Silverlight and WPF are going to allow this.

Over the next 5 years, the way we write, maintain and debug code are going to move more into the “cloud”.

5 major groups of product offerings:

  • Connected Devices - Connected using the cloud to allow centralized personalization and control. Unified data management using the synchronization of files and data. Web based deployment of Device applications.
  • Connected Entertainment - Same vision of connected devices, you’ll only need to register your media license once and share it across your devices. Devices that can connect/link into social networking more seamlessly.
  • Connected Productivity - Office for PC, Office Mobile for Phone, and Office Live for the Web. Ability to be productive anywhere.
  • Connected Bussiness - Smaller business can take advantage of CRM Live and services that only enterprises had access to previously. Business’s given the choice to run services (such as Sharepoint and Exchange) locally or in the “cloud”.
  • Connected Development - Services and Tools that span seamlessly across devices. XNA, Silverlight and .NET are allowing us to realize this today.

Silverlight was announces last year; this year they are going to deliver on that promise.